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  • New Cruise & Tour programs

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    In 2009, Adventures Abroad acquired travel agency Roseway Travel to expand the range of destinations and travel styles that we are able to offer. Founded 36 years ago, Roseway Travel, now a division within Adventures Abroad, specializes in premium ocean and river cruises to destinations worldwide. Adventures Abroad’s decades-long expertise of travel in Europe, South and Central America is now combined with three of Oceania’s popular cruises to give you a choice of unmatched Adventures Abroad Tour Leader-escorted ‘Cruise & Tour’ program.

    Central America (code CRCA)
    Cruise segment highlights:
    Miami • Straits of Florida • Cozumel, Mexico • Roatan, Honduras • Santo Tomas, Guatemala • Belize City, Belize • Costa Maya, Mexico • George Town, Cayman Islands.

    Land segment highlights:
    Managua, Nicaragua • Granada • Leon • San Salvador, El Salvador • Suchitoto, El Salvador • Copan, Honduras • Antigua, Guatemala • Chichicastenango • Panajachel • Lake Atitlan • Guatemala City.

    Portugal & Spain (code CRPS)
    Cruise segment highlights:
    Cadiz, Spain • Jerez • Gibraltar • Tangier • Malaga • Cartagena • Tarragona • Marseille, France • Lucca, Italy • Pisa • Rome • Monte Carlo.

    Land segment highlights:
    Lisbon, Portugal • Coimbra • Porto • Madrid, Spain • Granada • Sevilla • Barcelona.

    Brazil, Argentina & Chile (code CRSA)
    Cruise segment:
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • Buzios • Ilha Grande • Parati • Santos • Porto Belo • Rio Grande • Punta de Este • Montevideo, Uruguay • Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Land segment:
    Iguazu Falls • Buenos Aires • Bariloche & the Argentinian Lake District • Puerto Varas, Chile • Punta Arenas • Torres del Paine • El Calafate, Argentina • Calafate: Perito Moreno Glacier & Upsala Glacier • Ushuaia.

  • Chile Tours

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    Chile Tours

    Traveller Testimonial:
    I really wanted to see South America and this tour itinerary sounded very interesting. All the excursions were first rate, especially the Argentine glaciers and Iguazu Falls. Rapa Nui: what an experience! The Chileans went out of their way to ensure our comfort and the meals were all good value.
    -Betty Swindelehurst   Tour AR9: Argentina & Chile (South American Treasures – featuring arid Atacama, Indescribable Iguazu and exhilarating Easter Island)

    With the mighty Andes mountain range towering over one side and the big blue of the South Pacific Ocean lapping at the other, Chile lies snugly amid two extremes and its interior topography covers every degree in between. A tour to northern Chile would reveal one of the driest locations in the world, where, in some places, there has never been record of any rainfall-the arid Atacama desert. Though even the most avid of sun-worshippers may think twice before touring this sparsely-inhabited region, they may yet be lured by the fact that it is also the location of several important archaeological sites, of impressive geological spectacle and of intriguing remnants of lost civilisations. The features of Chile’s southern regions lie in stark contrast to the characteristics of the north. Aridness gives ways to fertile and lush forests and grazing lands, and, complementing the quaint scenery of the intricate myriad of lakes, canals, inlets and fjords, the south is perforated by a string of volcanoes.

    Traveller Testimonial:
    The highlights for us were Puerto Madryn (very good local guide), Ushuaia, Calafate, Santiago (again, an outstanding local guide), Hacienda Los Lingues, Torres del Paine, Puerto Varas and Atacama. -Elizabeth Huss   Tour AR7: Argentina & Chile (South American Treasures – featuring arid Atacama & Indescribable Iguazu)

    The vast majority of Chile’s over 2,000 volcanoes are now dormant, with only 55 remaining active and of the 12 great lakes situated in the country’s south, one holds the title as the continent’s fourth largest-Lago Llanquihue. One of the world’s great national parks, the Torres del Paine National Park, though only accessible by boat, plane or a scenic trip through Argentina, is a popular tour destination and one that promises a wealth of memories. The south is the perfect tour destination for those looking to experience Chile’s memorable sites, diverse landscape or more energetic activities in more temperate climes.

    Traveller Testimonial:
    My interest in Chile and Argentina and a friend’s recommendation of the company made me sign up for this tour. There were some truly unforgettable highlights: Patagonia, Chile’s wine region and some of the hotels and restaurants in Punta Arenas. I would’ve liked more time in Santiago, but the transportation, meals and local guides were generally very good.
    -Dennis Huss Tour AR7: Argentina & Chile (South American Treasures – featuring arid Atacama & Indescribable Iguazu)

    From some points on the extensive and serene sandy beaches of the east coast, it is possible to see the gargantuan peaks of the Andes dominating the skyline to the west, and in theory, travellers can take to the piste high in the mountains, then bask in the sun on the beach all in the same day. Chile’s offshore territories-the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, which was once the refuge of marooned Scotsman Alexander Selkirk, the man who inspired the classic Daniel Defoe novel ‘Robinson Crusoe,’ and the world-renowned Easter Island-are equally as impressive as its mainland regions. Where the Juan Fernandez Archipelago is a national park and its plethora of plant species have warranted the island’s designation as a World Biosphere Reserve, Easter Island is home to Rapa Nui National Park, a park that exhibits relics of an ancient desert-dwelling civilisation, and to Ahu Tongariki, where 15 of the country’s famous moai statues stand at attention on their rock platform. With so great climatic and geographic distinctions between all its poles, and a culture as unique and welcoming as its people, a tour to Chile, the longest country in the world, guarantees a holiday that will stretch the imagination.

    Straddling the border between Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is the definitive destination for the outdoorsperson. Our Patagonia tours whisk travellers away to one of the world’s last great wildernesses to take in its mountains, glaciers, hotsprings, wildlife and eclectic European-based culture. To experience a region of South America unlike the rest of the continent, yet one that is easily equally as rewarding, try our Patagonia tours.

  • Peru

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    Sixteenth-century Spanish soldiers described it as a land filled with gold and silver, a land of untold wealth. To the Europeans who heard these stories it was a place of tantalizing mystery that mirrored dreams and desires unsatisfied by the Old World. Nineteenth-century travellers wrote of soaring Andean peaks plunging into luxuriant Amazonian canyons of orchids, pythons, and jaguars. The richest treasures, the bloodiest conquests, the most advanced civilizations-all have been attributed to Peru.

    Peru is a large, mountainous country on the Pacific coast of South America. It has borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the north. Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west. There are three natural time zones, running roughly north to south: Costa, Sierra and Selva (Amazonian Jungle).

    The Costa region, which contains Lima is a narrow coastal plain consisting of large tracts of desert broken by fertile valleys. The cotton, sugar and rice plantations and most of the so far exploited oil fields lie in this area. The Sierra contains the Andes, with peaks over 6000 m (20,000 ft), most of the country’s mineral resources (silver, zinc, copper and gold) and the greater part of its livestock. The Selva, an area of fertile, subtropical uplands, lies between the Andes and the jungles of eastern Peru. Many countries have mountain ranges with beautiful scenery and Peru is certainly richly blessed in this respect. However, the scenery is only one of the elements responsible for the magic of the Inca Trail. Can there be any walk anywhere in the world with such a combination of natural beauty, history, and sheer mystery with such an awe-inspiring destination? The various ruins along the way serve to heighten the hiker’s sense of anticipation as he or she approaches what would surely find a place in any new list of archaeological wonders of the world– Machu Picchu.

    The population is largely Indian and Mestizos with a noticable influence from European (mainly Spanish), Chinese, and African settlers.

    Traveller Testimonial:
    It was truly an adventure tour and not simply a vacation. It’s what I’d hoped for and Adventures Abroad really came through.
    Inca temples: Machu Picchu was simply breathtaking; Ollantaytambo was wonderful to see!
    Train rides: To Machu Picchu and Puno were absolutely fascinating. I didn’t expect the great fashion shows onboard!
    Lake Titicaca: The Floating Islands, and especially Isla del Sol, were fun experiences. The hiking and views at Isla were outstanding.
    La Paz: An absolutely gorgeous city. I loved its beauty.
    -Gary Wong   PE2: Peru & Bolivia (Incan Secrets and ‘The Tibet of the Americas’)

    Traveller Testimonial:
    It’s not often that you get to experience a trip like this. Going back into the Andes– NO TOURISTS; JUST US! It was amazing hiking and only running into indigenous people and experiencing the culture. It was majestic and humbling…I wanted an adventure and got it….Machu Picchu was all that I expected–glad they got us there early before all the tourists arrived!
    -Debra L. Ewens   Tour XIT

    Traveller Testimonial:
    For me, the highlights were Sipan [a Moche archaeological site in northern Peru] and Machu Picchu, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything else. City tours of Lima and Arequipa, museum visits, ancient sites–it was all fascinating. Loved the Puno-Cuzco train trip and flying over the Nazca Lines!
    -Linda Clark   Tour PR2 Peru: North & South (Peruvian Explorer – featuring the mystifying Nazca Lines)

  • Honduras

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    Honduras, as with its neighbours in the Mesoamerican region, is renowned for its biological diversity. Not only is it home to the lowland rainforest of Rio Plantano Biosphere Reserve, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site and is sometimes referred to as ‘The Last Lungs of Central America,’ Honduras also houses thousands of plant species, about 250 reptiles and amphibians, about 700 species of bird and about 110 species of mammal. Unquestionably the ideal tour destination for naturalists, Honduras and its considerable biodiversity does beg the question of how many more types of animal and plant remain undiscovered and hidden in the unexplored expanses?

    Aside from its fascinating array of natural phenomena, Honduras also offers a range of wondrous man-made spectacles; the Mayan ruins in the jungle, the Colonial churches and monuments littered about the villages, the spectacular Spanish fortress of San Fernando de Omoa and the huge and majestic Basilica de Suyapa near Tegucigalpa.

    Read more about Honduras

  • Bolivia Tours – Travel Guides

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    Join our Bolivia Tours with expert Leaders

    To experience our Bolivia trips is to experience perhaps the closest representation of Southern American ancient civilizations in a modern context.

    Entirely landlocked, Bolivia has no coastline per se, but it is possible to reach the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Paraguay river. Travellers fanatical about water need not despair, however, since the country is also home to the placid Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. With a maximum depth of nearly 300 metres and spanning 8,000 squared kilometres, Lake Titicaca lends ample opportunity for even the most discerning water-lover to pursue their passion however they see fit and to do so with only a short voyage from the capital city, La Paz. Staying on the shores of the great lake gives travellers the chance to take in the towering splendour of the Andes mountains that loom over the lake and a wander along the shoreline yields discovery of tribal villages who hold true to ancient language, custom and tradition.

    If travellers remain reluctant to hike on the largest mountains in South America or take a dip in the largest lake on the continent, Bolivia tours offer hundreds of acres of lush and untouched rainforest and national parks that will prove more than enough to satisfy the appetites of wildlife enthusiasts and explorers alike.

    To get a real sense of Bolivia, however, it is recommended that travellers visit the cities. One of the two capital cities, La Paz (the other being Sucre), is a beehive of activity, which blends modern skyscrapers with archaic mud huts, as it does colonial architecture with Incan. It is a sight to be seen on a tour of Bolivia and an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

    Peru and Bolivia

    These two South American countries are simultaneously vastly different and somewhat similar. Peru, once home to one of the most notable and famous ancient civilisations on the planet, the Incas, boasts stunning man-made attractions that date from millennia ago; quite contrary to the attractions of Bolivia, which yields an untouched natural environment that is rare in the modern world. A trait that Peru and Bolivia share, however, is their appeal to travellers. To see the natural and man-made world at their best, join our tours to Peru and Bolivia; just be sure to take plenty of batteries for your camera.