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  • Bhutan

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    Landlocked Bhutan is situated in the eastern Himalaya and is mostly mountainous and heavily forested. The snowcapped Himalayan Range reaches heights of over 7,500 meters above sea level and extends along the Bhutan-China border. Bhutan is comprised of a mosaic of different peoples who continue to live in valleys isolated from one another and the outside world by formidable mountain passes. Differing ethnic groups are also distributed according to the varying environments within the land’s borders. It is possible to divide the population into three broad ethnic groups, though the distinctions blur in places. Southern Bhutan is inhabited mainly by Nepalese farmers who arrived at the end of the 19th century. They brought the Hindu religion with them as well as the Nepalese language, which is still spoken today over much of Southern Bhutan. A Bhutan trip is a journey to a land of supernatural legends, ancient monastery / fortresses. Ruins said to be haunted by ghosts, old Dzongs as reminders of the Bhutanese defence against Tibetan invaders, animals believed to have flown from Tibet to Bhutan and assuming the shape today of huge rocks, stories about the abominable snowman; both true history and myths are fascinating and an inherent part of Bhutanese culture.

    The country’s ancient history is a story of struggle between reincarnate rulers, feudal lords and differing Buddhist sects vying for power, until late last century when the old orders were swept away and an hereditary monarchy was established.Each of our Bhutan trips has been timed to arrive in the country for the climax of the spectacular tsechu (monastery festival) at either Paro or Bumthang. Our tours also include a visit to Bhutan’s most venerated monastery, the Tashichho Dzong in Thimpu, the remarkable medieval monastery that now houses the National Assembly and the King’s Throne Room. These Bhutan trips are offered in combination with other countries in the region: Sikkim & Tibet.

    The magical aura that pervades the area around the Himalayas is so potent, it is almost tangible. This vast region that separates the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan plateau numbers among the destinations that many travellers visit only to find that their preconceived notions that have long been nurtured by fanciful flights of the imagination are indeed a reality. Journey with us amid looming, white-rimmed peaks, among traditional, colourful peoples and into the heart of a land where Nature’s most spectacular endeavours complement an already bewitching destination.