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  • Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

    Posted on August 11th, 2009 admin No comments

    Kilimanjaro National Park is, of course, home to the indescribable wonder that is the second largest mountain in the world: Mount Kilimanjaro. This truly is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed and chances are, it will cause revision of the definitions of the words ‘beautiful,’ ‘awesome,’ and ‘immense’ in the minds of travellers.

    As with all the country’s many national parks, Kilimanjaro National Park allows visitors to view some of the most remarkable and exotic animals on the planet. Elephants, hippos, wildebeest, rhinos, monkeys, crocodiles, big cats or birds: you name it, Tanzania has it.

    Most closely associated with some of the most dramatic sceneries and best safari opportunities on the planet, Kenya and Tanzania are without doubt destinations for travellers who appreciate the natural world. Tanzania is home to Serengeti National Park, which has itself become synonymous with safaris and between these two thrilling destinations, travellers can come face-to-face with some of the most magnificent specimens of wildlife on the planet in their natural habitat.

    Few words summon the same sense of mystique and awe as Kilimanjaro. For years after the first Europeans’ arrival in East Africa, the perennial glaciers that cap Africa’s highest mountain were thought to be smooth stone reflecting the rays of the sun. How could snow exist on the equator? Though we now know that snow and ice can occur anywhere at 19,340 feet, the mountain remains a source of myth and legend, cinema and literature, and the challenge embodied in Kilimanjaro is as compelling today as ever.

    Tours in Tanzania — Kili Trek
    Our Kili trek utilizes the Machame Route, a less-travelled path along which we trek high and camp low, spending an extra day to acclimatize to the altitude and greatly increase chances of success. This slow but steady walk from the mountain’s steamy lower slopes to the icy climes of Uhuru Peak will challenge your determination, but reward with spectacular views and a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you stand atop the Roof of Africa. With Kili under your belt, why not treat yourself to a luxury, lodge-based wildlife safari through some of Tanzania’s most famous wildlife reserves?

    When the rainy season paints its greenery across the East African landscape, the grasses of the Serengeti are transformed into billowy waves of an emerald sea. A flash of red is easily discerned in the distance as a shuka-clad (a short red robe worn like a toga) morani (Maasai warrior) strides swiftly and purposefully across the unending plain. He comes from out of nowhere and no one knows where he is going. It is a scene, often repeated throughout Maasailand, that is symbolic of the Maasai as a people. No one is quite sure where they have come from or how they will preserve their culture in the future.

    The famous safari destinations, Kenya and Tanzania, form the basis of some of our most exciting winter escape programs. KT1 is our classic 17-day combo of the best of both countries, while KE1 and TZ1 make it possible to break the trip into shorter components. Those looking for a longer regional series should consider adding the island of Zanzibar (TZ4), or our fascinating 14-day tour of Madagascar (MG1, KT2). These trips are part of our “cultural series” that include accommodation in comfortable hotels and lodges and no camping. When shopping for your perfect safari experience, remember that our price includes all park entry fees, most meals and gratuities.

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