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    Posted on May 19th, 2009 admin No comments

    Join our Bolivia Tours with expert Leaders

    To experience our Bolivia trips is to experience perhaps the closest representation of Southern American ancient civilizations in a modern context.

    Entirely landlocked, Bolivia has no coastline per se, but it is possible to reach the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Paraguay river. Travellers fanatical about water need not despair, however, since the country is also home to the placid Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. With a maximum depth of nearly 300 metres and spanning 8,000 squared kilometres, Lake Titicaca lends ample opportunity for even the most discerning water-lover to pursue their passion however they see fit and to do so with only a short voyage from the capital city, La Paz. Staying on the shores of the great lake gives travellers the chance to take in the towering splendour of the Andes mountains that loom over the lake and a wander along the shoreline yields discovery of tribal villages who hold true to ancient language, custom and tradition.

    If travellers remain reluctant to hike on the largest mountains in South America or take a dip in the largest lake on the continent, Bolivia tours offer hundreds of acres of lush and untouched rainforest and national parks that will prove more than enough to satisfy the appetites of wildlife enthusiasts and explorers alike.

    To get a real sense of Bolivia, however, it is recommended that travellers visit the cities. One of the two capital cities, La Paz (the other being Sucre), is a beehive of activity, which blends modern skyscrapers with archaic mud huts, as it does colonial architecture with Incan. It is a sight to be seen on a tour of Bolivia and an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

    Peru and Bolivia

    These two South American countries are simultaneously vastly different and somewhat similar. Peru, once home to one of the most notable and famous ancient civilisations on the planet, the Incas, boasts stunning man-made attractions that date from millennia ago; quite contrary to the attractions of Bolivia, which yields an untouched natural environment that is rare in the modern world. A trait that Peru and Bolivia share, however, is their appeal to travellers. To see the natural and man-made world at their best, join our tours to Peru and Bolivia; just be sure to take plenty of batteries for your camera.