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Legendary Carthage; Mosaics of Bardo Museum; Roman sites Sufetula, Dougga, Bulla Regia; Djerba island excursion; El Djem Museum and Amphitheatre

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Sat 17 Oct 2015Mon 26 Oct 2015 $2590
Wed 13 Apr 2016Fri 22 Apr 2016 $2590
Sat 15 Oct 2016Mon 24 Oct 2016 $2590

Optional Single Supplement: $550 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Come and see a bounteous country that has played a highly significant role in world history. Home to a civilisation that rivaled the Roman Empire, Carthage was eventually conquered and resettled into a sprawling metropolis, while the influence of the Roman Empire still lingers in the many temples and theatres that are still standing; the world as it once was shines through smaller details, such as visible ridges carved into stone streets where chariot wheels made their mark. It is no wonder that this land held such appeal for so powerful an empire; the beautiful lakes and hills make for a beautiful oasis. It seems that the land has so much to offer that the residents of Matmata have taken full advantage by building their homes right into the sandstone hillsides. A country so spectacular in natural beauty is only made more alluring by architectural crowning achievements, such as the remains of massive aqueducts that once ran for a whopping 80 km.

Regions visited: North And West Africa
Countries visited: Tunisia