Tunisia, Malta, Sicily & Southern Italy


Guided visit to Legendary Carthage Djerba island excursion Ancient Greek Temples at Agrigento & Paestum Compelling Pompeii Rome - The Vatican & the Sistine Chapel

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Wed 13 Apr 2016Tue 10 May 2016 $7530

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Tour Overview

This tour gives us a good perspective of the considerable expanse of the Roman Empire. From the Byrsa Hill acropolis along the Tunisian shores of Carthage, to the massive ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the wealth and influence of this empire shows us why it had such great influence over the history of the Mediterranean. The many museums throughout the tour give us valuable insight into the lives of ancient civilizations and a pleasant stroll through the preserved village of Pompeii offers a personal approach to the past. Impressive temples, once dedicated to Greek gods, leave lasting impressions no matter what locale serves as their backdrop, be it Malta, Italy or Tunisia. See how the imperfections of cobblestone streets throughout Sicilian villages are endearing attributes, or how the steep slopes of Malta give a unique quality to the structures built on them.

Regions visited: North And West Africa and Western Europe
Countries visited: Tunisia; Malta and Italy