Bratislava, including the historic Old Town; Beautiful Pieniny National Park; High Tatras town of Trencin; Glacial lakes and Alpine charm

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Sat 11 Jul 2015Thu 16 Jul 2015 $1650
Sat 12 Sep 2015Thu 17 Sep 2015 $1650$1580 Discounted
Sat 23 Apr 2016Thu 28 Apr 2016 $1650
Sat 09 Jul 2016Thu 14 Jul 2016 $1650
Sat 10 Sep 2016Thu 15 Sep 2016 $1650

Optional Single Supplement: $320 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Arriving in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, we will quickly see that this city has no shortage of beauty and will realize that our time will be best spent exploring as much as we can; must-see sites include the Gothic Cathedral of St Martin and the ancient walls that surround the city. We explore the immaculate glacier peaks of the Tatra Mountains, glorious natural phenomena that can be appreciated to an even greater extent by traveling along their winding trails. Pieniny National Park and the Demanova Valley number among Central Europe's most scenic and alluring pieces of land. On our return, we will feel the urge to regale friends and loved ones about our experiences in the Cave of Freedom in the Tatras and the chairlift ride that took us to the top of Mount Chopok.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Slovakia



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