Helsinki, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia


Torun, home of Copernicus; Well-preserved Krakow ; Wieliczka salt mines tour; Cosmopolitan Riga; Tallinn: one of Europe's best preserved old towns; Helsinki: 'Daughter of the Baltic'

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Wed 02 Sep 2015Sun 20 Sep 2015 $6110
Sun 22 May 2016Thu 09 Jun 2016 $6110
Wed 07 Sep 2016Sun 25 Sep 2016 $6110

Optional Single Supplement: $1060 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Eastern Europe holds numerous rewards for anyone who is not shy of adventure. Poland has an immaculate scenery like nowhere else and its glorious structures, still standing form a distant history, are spectacles we will never forget. The closer we get to the Baltic Sea, the closer we move along the storyline to the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian legacies. The cathedrals of Vilnius, Lithuania, hold stories of royalty and sainthood that live on in the collections of religious icons and artwork. Walk the streets of Latvia and learn about the evolution of architectural styles and how the city has come so far in terms of development. The Toomkirik Lutheran Cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia, is home to many legendary tombs and we will be captivated when our tour guide regales us with the tales behind these remains. While Helsinki, Finland, is a relatively young capital, from a European perspective, we will still enjoy the vibrancy of the present as we walk along the markets that sit along the harbour, or admire the stonework of the governmental buildings.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe and Western Europe
Countries visited: Poland; Lithuania; Latvia; Estonia and Finland


We enjoyed all excursions. Excellent transportation. Food was above expectations. Excellent experience.