Machu Picchu and Darwin's Islands


Guided colonial Quito tour; Four-night Galapagos cruise; Darwin Research Station visit; Exploring Urubamba, "Sacred Valley of the Incas"; Mysterious Machu Picchu-a must see!; Scenic 'Vistadome' train to Cuzco

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Mon 29 Jun 2015Tue 14 Jul 2015 $5580
Mon 09 Nov 2015Tue 24 Nov 2015 $5580
Mon 01 Feb 2016Tue 16 Feb 2016 $5920
Mon 27 Jun 2016Tue 12 Jul 2016 $5920
Mon 07 Nov 2016Tue 22 Nov 2016 $5920

Optional Single Supplement: $1490 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

This tour is an expedition along land of such immaculate beauty that it is hard to justify the experience through the use of flowery adjectives and descriptive imagery. Only we can see first-hand why Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands are some of the most popular locations in adventure tourism. Seeing the ancient structures of Machu Picchu sitting on the lush green slopes of the Andes is sight we will have a chance to soak in. Walk through the ruins and then step back to find the higher ground so we can obtain a panoramic view of the entire valley. Watching the tortoises, sea lions and iguanas crawl along the white sands of the Galapagos Islands, we will come to understand exactly why Charles Darwin described this archipelago that is spread across 4800 square kilometres as a "little world within itself". As we cruise through the islands over the next few days, we will be stopping for a hike along the volcanic terrain that supports some of the world's most unique land structures, or we will snorkel in the crystal-clear waters where exotic, colourful fish swim in innumerable schools.

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Peru and Ecuador