Incan Secrets & 'The Tibet of the Americas'


Mysterious Machu Picchu-a must see!; Exploring Cuzco and the "Sacred Valley of the Incas"; Colourful Chinchero & Pisac markets; Venice Simplon Orient-Express "Andean Explorer" train; The Floating Islands of Puno; Sacred island of the Sun

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Mon 28 Sep 2015Sun 11 Oct 2015 $3230 Last-minute Availability
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Mon 01 Feb 2016Sun 14 Feb 2016 $3230
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Mon 02 May 2016Sun 15 May 2016 $3230
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Mon 07 Nov 2016Sun 20 Nov 2016 $3230

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Tour Overview

Landing in Lima, once dubbed 'City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors, we begin our 14-day adventure through western and central South America by touring majestic churches, exquisite palaces, fascinating underground catacombs and museums displaying remarkable pre-Incan gold artifacts, including one said to hold the largest collection of gold in the world.

Making our way through the scenic 'Sacred Valley of the Incas,' we see many Inca cave tombs carved into the valley walls, and then it's on to one of the most famous attractions in the Americas and most memorable sights in the world: 'The Lost City of the Incas'; Machu Picchu. A place of great mystery and intrigue, no one can say for certain what role this ancient city of stone palaces, towers, temples and staircases played in ancient Incan civilisation, since there exist no records or artifacts to corroborate or disprove any theories.

After a day or two wandering amid incredible ruins, we set off for the Cuzco region, an area whose Spanish colonial buildings lie atop Incan temples and ancient Incan stone walls line the central streets to this day. We pass through villages of mud brick houses wherein people adorned in traditional dress barter with one another in colourful local markets and take a day-long train ride past the towering snow-capped peaks of the Andes and vast, wild plains where vicuna and alpaca are often seen.

Travelling into Bolivia, we stop in at various small towns famous for their colonial churches and architecture and wander through the blossoming gardens of vibrant Moorish cathedrals and other religious sites that were borne from a fusion of pagan and Catholic beliefs. We cast off for a short boat trip in beautiful surroundings and then make our way into the most densely populated region of the country to find out about contemporary life in Bolivia and learn about yet another 'lost civilisation'; the Tiahuanaco, whose disappearance from the area in the distant past remains unexplained to this day.

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Peru and Bolivia


All the excursions were excellent and most enjoyable. The Peruvian horses were exquisite and certainly worth while seeing and riding. All of the Churches were very interesting

Machu Picchu was of course wonderful, but also really enjoyed the smaller Inca sites, Annamaria did a good job explaining the culture of each site. At Ollantaytambo... special site, did the 300 steps.. visiting the home. Visit to Llama, alpaca farm hacienda, seeing the weaving etc. Pisac market, seeing the produce.Train from Curzo to Puno- wonderful scenery of the alta plana and sense of the mountains. Floating islands, very informative and fun. Enjoyed the hike on Isla del Sol... wonderful scenery and interesting.

Diego Vidal is certainly an asset to your organization. He brings wisdom, a sense of humour and unbounding energy (not an easy feat in the Andes)to the job.

The major early highlight was the first night in Lima-- great ambiance--Paso horses show, dance performance, Pisco sours and a very good dinner buffet in the Hacienda(probably the best meal of the trip).

We did more fabulous things than I ever could have imagined.

Machu Picchu was wonderful! I enjoyed the horse farm with our first taste of pisco sours and tiny potatoes with mustard sauce. The llama and alpaca farm and sale of goods was excellent. The floating islands of Los Uros were fascinating. The hike on Isla del Sol was enjoyable. Also, the variety of transportation made the trip interesting - boat, train, bus.

I enjoyed all of the excursions - particularly Machu Picchu, Floating Islands and Tiahuanaco - Also enjoyed the cathedrals/churches. I enjoyed all of the local guides - very passionate and knowledgeable. The evening meal plan met my expectations. I enjoyed the variety of transportation used - seemed to add to the adventurous nature of the tour - particularly enjoyed the train and boat rides. Our tour leader was exception - he handled group dynamics very diplomatically. He had a wonderful attitude - everyone would comment on his abilities. He was very passionate, knowledgeable and great ability in being able to present information and captivate his audience with brilliant presentations.

We enjoyed the paso horse hacienda much more than I thought I would; it was a charming visit and the host made me feel very special and welcome. The floating islands were amazing!

All city guides were good to outstanding. All excursions were good. Visits to Larco Museum in Lima was outstanding - Also the horse farm outside Lima was very special.Trains were great! All transport good.