A rare glimpse at an enigmatic country; Pyongyang city tour; International Friendship Exhibition; Kaesong and the De-militarized zone (DMZ); Vibrant Taipei; Taroko Gorge - scenic highlight of Taiwan; Historical Tainan

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Tue 01 Sep 2015Sat 19 Sep 2015 $8280
Thu 01 Sep 2016Mon 19 Sep 2016 $8280

Optional Single Supplement: $1660 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

*** PLEASE NOTE: North Korea's borders are currently closed due to the "Ebola threat." Once the ban is lifted, this tour itinerary, dates and prices for 2015/16 will be updated.

With the successful completion of our fall 2012 departure of this trip, we are set to return to explore this reclusive destination that has thus far been largely inaccessible to the Western world, and one that remains beyond the scope of most tour operators. For most travellers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit one of the most secretive and intriguing countries in the world; far from a typical, run-of-the-mill tourist destination! Working closely with our partners in the DPRK, we have designed a comprehensive itinerary that showcases the many hidden wonders and that promises a cultural experience like no other. An organized tour is the only way to visit the DPRK - there is no alternative! Truly the last bastion of the Cold War, North Korea is not only untouched by mass tourism, but is also one of the last places on Earth that can claim to be wholly 'off the beaten track' for travellers. We hope you can join us on this extraordinary journey.

Regions visited: Central Asia And Far East
Countries visited: China; North Korea and Taiwan


Cunliffe N. (Regina, SK, CA)

The visit and tour of the USS Pueblo was indeed very interesting, as was the West Sea Barrage viewing. Enjoyed the Pyongyang National Symphony Orchestra Performance, and also School children s Palace Tour & Performance; as well as the Secondary School visit. Visit to Hamhung & Majon Hotel & Beach. In Taiwan Taroka Gorge area and Sun Moon Lake were most enjoyable. The local guide in Taiwan, Beral was certainly outstanding.