KD4 Iraqi Kurdistan


Petra - Red Rose City as Old as Time Erbil - ancient and modern regional capital Rugged scenery, mountain villages, lively bazaars Immersion in Kurdish culture, history, way of life Cosmopolitan Sulymaniya Thrill of travelling to an emerging un-touristed destination Experience the 'other side' of Iraq - peaceful, stable, and thriving

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Mon 15 Sep 2014Sun 28 Sep 2014 $4780
Mon 06 Apr 2015Sun 19 Apr 2015 $4780
Mon 14 Sep 2015Sun 27 Sep 2015 $4780

Optional Single Supplement: $760 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

If you still haven't been to Petra, this itinerary allows you to easily extend your tour of Kurdistan to include this ancient wonder in neighbouring Jordan. Convenient air connections between Amman and Erbil make this an obvious classic combination in a nice 2-week package.

Regions visited: Middle East
Countries visited: Jordan and Iraq