VRGR GREECE: Ancient & Modern


with Victor Romagnoli


A unique, specially-designed itinerary showcases all that is ancient and modern in the beautiful, venerable corner of Europe, designed by our longest-serving Tour Leader, now a resident of Greece.

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Mon 14 Sep 2015Tue 13 Oct 2015 $8990

Optional Single Supplement: $2350 (number of singles limited).
This tour may require a mandatory single supplement charge of $1170, if twin-sharing accommodation is unavailable.

Tour Overview

This tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour leader, Victor Romagnoli, a long time resident of Greece. He invites you to join him on this one-time offering:

"Over the past couple years as the economic and social crisis has unfolded in the land I now call home, and many of you who travel with me have asked about the situation here. Clearly Greece has been frequently making the news during recent years and that news has often not been good. Having been here and lived through recent events, I have seen that the local picture is quite often at variance with the one that is presented to the wider world. Headlines that are broadcast by international networks tend to magnify calamities, while reducing and simplifying a complex reality.

The Greece of today is, after all, as complex as it has always been and is by no means easily understood. It has been your questions about what is happening here in Greece that has inspired me to create an itinerary in which I would endeavor to render contemporary Greece more understandable and show you that, although this country currently faces some tremendous challenges, the news here is not all bad.

In working on such an itinerary, I have had three criteria in mind. First, I want to take you to as many different regions of the country as possible in order to showcase its ancient and modern diversity and the challenges they present. We will visit a large part of the county: we will travel to the Peloponnese, to Epirus and Macedonia, Thessaly, Attica, and Crete -- the nation's largest island -- as well two contrasting Cycladic islands. Historically these regions are very different - each of them home to different peoples. It is significant to note that only in the last 100 years or so have they been united under a common flag. Second, I want you to feel the pulse of change; see for yourselves what is happening to people's lives here in the countryside and in the urban areas: I have included stops in five of the nation's ten largest cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Iraklion, Ioannina, and Chania). Here we will see some of the difficulties the current situation has created and also witness some of the ingenious ways in which people are adjusting to the new Greece in which they find themselves living today. Third, I want to address that oft-heard question: "Why do you live in Greece?" In putting together this tour, it has been my goal to enable you to see the beauty of this extraordinary land; also the resilience and ingenuity of its population, and experience the generosity of spirit of its people.

By the time the tour is over, you will have seen some of the most outstanding natural sites in all of Europe. You may appreciate then why I call Greece home. Finally, my desire is to add a personal touch to this itinerary and invite you to come and experience the village I have called home now for a number of years. While there I will host you in my home where we will prepare a typical Greek meal in my kitchen. We will start our day down in the garden picking fresh ingredients, move on to a newly-planted vineyard to learn how grapes are raised on the rugged islands of the Aegean, where the locals coax wine from the rocky earth. Then we will end up in the kitchen, where you will have a chance to learn how generations of locals have used these delicious ingredients to make Aegean island specialties. Naturally, wine tasting will accompany this cooking class, as I celebrate my 25th year of leading Adventures Abroad tours and toast your loyalty over these past decades.

The autumn in the southern Balkans and the Mediterranean is a most graceful month with warm temperatures and pleasant sea breezes. It is usually not too hot, while the temperature of the sea is perfect for swimming. There are abundant fruit and vegetables and fish, and the wines are at their peak. There is also a blissful lack of the tourist crowds that descend during the hot summer months. However, the tour would be equally rewarding in the spring. A springtime departure will be a boon to photographers: meadows will be blanketed in wildflowers and the high mountains of the northern regions of the country and on the island of Crete will still be covered in snow. Summer crowds will not yet have arrived and the spring fare on offer in the restaurants is just as exciting as that of the autumn. The sardines and mackerel come through our waters then; the artichokes and fennel are harvested; the wild greens of the mountains for which Greece is renowned will be available; spring lamb is frequently on offer, and the abundant citrus fruits -- lemons, mandarins, oranges -- will have just been harvested."

Regions visited: Western Europe
Countries visited: Greece