Amazon, Otavalo & Avenue of the Volcanoes


Guided Amazon adventure; Guided colonial Quito tour; Otavalo Valley-cultural centre; Famed 'Avenue of Volcanos'; Overnight at historic hacienda; Chimborazo Forest Reserve

Dates & Prices

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Start DateEnd DatePriceMore Info
Sun 12 Jul 2015Thu 23 Jul 2015 $2340
Sun 11 Oct 2015Thu 22 Oct 2015 $2340
Sun 18 Oct 2015Thu 29 Oct 2015 $2340
Sun 10 Jan 2016Thu 21 Jan 2016 $2340
Sun 21 Feb 2016Thu 03 Mar 2016 $2340
Sun 10 Jul 2016Thu 21 Jul 2016 $2340
Sun 09 Oct 2016Thu 20 Oct 2016 $2340
Sun 16 Oct 2016Thu 27 Oct 2016 $2340

Optional Single Supplement: $600 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Our 12 days of adventure are well-spent on this thrill-ride of a tour, as we explore the rural and urban charms of one of South America's most rewarding destinations; Ecuador. From the frenetic pace and man-made aesthetic beauty of the capital city of Quito, we make headway for the tranquility and natural splendour of one of the world's few remaining untouched wilderness regions; the Amazon rainforest. We keep a vigilant eye for colourful flora and teeming fauna as we explore the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and see things from a different perspective when we embark on a short canoe-trip to explore inaccessible areas. Along the 'Avenue of the Volcanoes', a striking passage that snugly rests between the major cordillera ranges, we admire the contrast between the equatorial lushness in the valley and the snow-crested peaks of the surrounding mountains and we get our fill of historic sites of interest when we visit the colonial "White City" of Ibarra and the UNESCO-designated urban centres of Quito. Our browsing in local marketplaces gives us valuable insight to the country's contemporary culture and the lifestyles of its people.

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Ecuador