Otavalo & the Avenue of the Volcanoes


Guided colonial Quito tour; Otavalo Valley-cultural centre; Famed 'Avenue of Volcanoes'; Four-night luxury Galapagos cruise

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Thu 16 Jul 2015Tue 28 Jul 2015 $3990 Last-minute Availability
Thu 14 Jul 2016Tue 26 Jul 2016 $4600

Optional Single Supplement: $1320 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Despite its inferior size, Ecuador manages to cram just about everything the traveller could want within its borders. We touch down in the capital, Quito, the second most populous city in Ecuador, where we find the country's history depicted in the well- preserved colonial buildings, mediaeval architecture and picture-perfect courtyards; and if dwelling in the past isn't quite your speed, then there's always Quito's modern side; a glistening of glass skyscrapers, grand mansions and first-rate shopping opportunities. Alluring volcanic, alpine and forest landscapes, beautiful ranges of architecture and ancient indigenous cultures and traditions are but a few of the features that make travellers fall in love with Ecuador and as we travel through the Otavalo Valley, down the incredible Avenue of the Volcanoes and to the natural wonderland of Chimborazo Reserve, we discover a country of untold scope. The final four days of this adventure are spent on a ferry cruise of the inimitable Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands put all other destinations to shame when it comes to offering diversity and uniqueness of natural wonder. Endemic and exotic species of plant and animal, both on- and offshore, abound in this special destination that has changed little since the days of Darwin. Each island presents new topography, new wildlife and new exciting adventures; what better way to end our tour than this world-renowned naturalist playground?

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Ecuador