TE2 The Land Beyond the Seas


Armenian, Christian, Kurdish and Arabic cultural legacies; Giant heads of Mt Nemrut; Mount Ararat, resting place of Noah's Ark; Spectacular Sumela Monastery; Trabzon: Walled city on Black Sea; Timeless Istanbul, guided tours

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Mon 27 Apr 2015Wed 13 May 2015 $4090
Mon 15 Jun 2015Wed 01 Jul 2015 $4090
Mon 14 Sep 2015Wed 30 Sep 2015 $4090
Mon 25 Apr 2016Wed 11 May 2016 $4090
Mon 12 Sep 2016Wed 28 Sep 2016 $4090

Optional Single Supplement: $520 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Turkey is the perfect setting for culture and history enthusiasts because it is a nation ripe with heritage. For centuries, the preservation of the winding streets of Diyarbakir has been dependent on protection of the Taurus Mountains, along with the black basalt walls that encircle the city. There is a sense of having discovered one of the secluded wonders of the world when roaming the streets within this enclosed city. This sensation is not too far from the truth, because we will set foot into the capital of the ancient Uratian empire, Van, which is an area that had been inaccessible to visitors until the 1960s. Istanbul, the capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, yields new and exciting discoveries for us around each corner.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Turkey




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