'Day Hiking in Adriatica'


Stunning day walks on Croatia's coast; Kotor, Montenegro - Unesco site; Plitvice Lakes: natural wonder; Fairy-tale Dubrovnik; Hvar & Korcula - town tours and area walks

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Fri 18 Sep 2015Thu 01 Oct 2015 $3390
Fri 02 Oct 2015Thu 15 Oct 2015 $3390
Thu 05 May 2016Wed 18 May 2016 $3390
Fri 16 Sep 2016Thu 29 Sep 2016 $3390

Optional Single Supplement: $913 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

This is a wonderful addition to our popular series of European walking tours in a rapidly up-and-coming region that lends itself beautifully to our leisurely style of day hiking from a hotel base. You carry only your day bag as we strike out among the varied mountainous, coastal and inland terrains, through tiny hamlets and imposing fortresses on well-worn footpaths used for centuries. The trip also features walking tours in no fewer than six Unesco World Heritage towns, as well as the stunning Unesco protected Plitvice Lakes region.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Croatia and Montenegro


The excursions we enjoyed most on the tour were walking the walls of Dubrovnik, the walk in Plitivice lakes park, all the tours of the walled towns and visits to the islands. Laura was very well organized but also very flexible and friendly - we really enjoyed her company as she was cheerful and had a great sense of humour. She is an exceptionally mature young woman. Laura was exceptionally knowledgeable about all topics - history, current events, geography, art and architecture, even botany and chemistry at times. For such a young woman her breadth of knowledge was incredible yet there was never any ego involved when sharing it.

The excursions were excellent. Good pacing, variety, blend of activity, culture, history. Dubrovnik never disappoints, the Plavice Lakes were and absolute and awesome surprise. The Stone Mason school in Brac which we thought would just be a pleasant little experience was one of the real live human moments that was inspiring and taught us so much about the past and craftsmanship. Whew! The guides were professional and informative. Our exceptional Tour Leader, Laura, had a way of bringing out the best in all of us and the guides. Her people skills, gentle respectful manner, and desire to keep learning and growing herself encouraged all of us to show and value the same traits.She automatically put the guides at ease with us and us with them, encouraging questions, comments, interaction - a friendly comfortable learnng and exchange environment. The hotels were totally fine - a good variety of quaint, posh, functional, convenient. The beds were comfortable, the service excellent. There were many more swimming opportunities than the literature indicated which was a pleasant surprise.

Enjoyed all the excursions! I thought all local guides were very good to excellent! All vans and buses were very comfortable and generally clean. I felt safe with the competent drivers. Loved that most vehicles were Mercedes Benz! Yes, very delicious and healthy dinners! Lots of choice and generous portions. Peter, our tour leader, was friendly, helpful, caring, mature, responsible and fun. Would be very happy to have Peter as a Tour Leader on a future Adventure Abroad tour. Adventure Abroad is a very good travel company to do business with/use for my travel experiences. There were ten other people on the tour and a number of them were repeat customers several times.

Really,.... enjoyed all excursions. But a May visit to the Plitvice National Park was magical, and blew us away. Wow! Peter exceeded my (our) expectations. He was genuine and personable to everyone. Really, it was just wonderful. We had a great time and were very pleased with everything for the price of the tour.

Excellent - primarily because of the niche market of walking/active tours and also going to places not covered by most tours - but still covering the basic places all want to visit. Peter, our tour leader, was very well organized and excellent at communicating the plan; so that everything was clear and went very smoothly. Peter also had strategies to improve the visits to particular places (such as starting time and logistics). Thus, we were able to do more and enjoy it more! The meal plan met, or exceeded my expectations. Went to Plitvice National Park (by far the highlight of entire tour - no words or even pictures can describe the experience of being amongst the waterfalls as you can do on the boardwalks at Plitvice)- Plitvice is a treasure of the world and Croatia is being a good steward.

All the local guides were great particularly Dianja. Transportation was great. All meals were excellent. Everything you needed Peter, our tour leader, was there to help. Hopefully the next trip I book Peter will be the guide. Everything was done to perfection. Peter s attitude is exceptional. I don t think any of us have laughed so hard and had a such a great time on a tour. Peter was an outstanding guide. Very knowledgeable and very personable. Fabulous tour.

Enjoyed all excursions. All local guides were superb. Drivers were all excellent. The meal plan vastly exceeded my expectations. Everywhere Peter, our tour leader, went the local people he interacted with treated him like a long lost son/brother. They obviously liked him as much as we all did. One member of our tour said she just signs on for whatever tours Peter leads. He was wonderful.

All excursions were good - guides knowledgeable and concise. Liked all local guides. Excellent transportation. We have been on more than ten tours with AA and on several others with other tour companies. Peter was the best tour leader yet. A wonderful tour.

All excursions were excellent , but our favourites were the small boat trip on the island of Brac followed by the hike to the monastery, followed by swimming in the Adriatic off the Golden Horn. Our second favourite was our hike in Plitvice National Park. The accommodation was far better than we expected. All were modern, clean and well located for walking to our destinations. Laura was warm and welcoming. She has a quiet, easy going demeanor and never became ruffled. She was able to diffuse difficulties easily and never exhibited worry. She knows herself and is self confident in a fresh and unique way. She is professional and showed respect for all. We all enjoyed our time with her greatly.

I enjoyed all the longer hikes and the local guide led excursions around the cities. All local guides were excellent. Their knowledge of local history was excellent and was extremely helpful. The guide in Split was excellent PLUS. Transportation was very comfortable and efficient. Our tour leader Peter was friendly, knowledgeable and well organized. Each day went like clockwork. He was available for assistance when needed and conversed well with ALL the guests. He added additional depth to our understanding of the country and the cities we visited.

Chris was an excellent leader, the best we have had in a number of trips with other companies. I would readily travel with him again.