Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland


Vilnius walking tour; Hill of Crosses: compelling memorial; Cosmopolitan Riga; Tallinn: one of Europe's best preserved old towns; Helsinki: 'Daughter of the Baltic'

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Wed 03 Jun 2015Thu 11 Jun 2015 $2590
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Sat 12 Sep 2015Sun 20 Sep 2015 $2590$2480 Discounted
Wed 01 Jun 2016Thu 09 Jun 2016 $2590
Tue 02 Aug 2016Wed 10 Aug 2016 $2590
Sat 17 Sep 2016Sun 25 Sep 2016 $2590

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Tour Overview

Because Lithuania has been ruled by Sweden, Poland, France and Russia, we can see a variety of influence concerning the aesthetics of the capital city, Vilnius. We come to realize that the style of architecture is significant to the city's overall beauty, such as the Gates of Dawn, which counted for one of the many gates built into the defensive wall that once ran two kilometres around the city. Not only does Latvia have comparable attractions that are just as monumental, but the subtle allure is what really pulls us in, like the many paintings that line the walls of the Rundale Palace, or the exciting energy of market square in Riga. The harbour city of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is extravagant in terms of antiquity. When we see parliament gather at the Toompea Castle, we see how an ancient structure can still serve a purpose just as well today. Over the waters of the Baltic Sea, we find Helsinki, Finland, also known as the 'Daughter of the Baltic'. The excitement of our trip does not fade out while so close to the end; we enjoy our time here by taking an extensive stroll around the harbour.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe and Western Europe
Countries visited: Lithuania; Latvia; Estonia and Finland