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Senior Tours

Adventures Abroad has been offering exceptional-value small-group travel tours for seniors to 120 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and beyond for three decades.

With expert leaders and 350+ unique itineraries that feature the major sightseeing highlights of destinations, as well as comprehensive "off-the-beaten-path" exploration and a degree of leisure time, Adventures Abroad's signature guided tours for seniors are designed for travellers who want to see the world with like-minded friends of the same generation in comfort, but without sacrificing the "adventure" experience.

Senior travel needn't be mundane or slow-paced – all our itineraries focus on a culturally immersive experience – like meeting locals in tribal villages, and dining in local restaurants and eateries instead of hotels - and our trips are graded by level of physical activity, which means you can choose the group tour that fits your needs and preferences to a T. For those looking to really stretch their legs on tour, our series of Active Tours is the ideal solution; for those travelling with kids or grandkids, we have specially designed Family Tours; and for those looking for something else entirely, we can work with you to create a custom tour that suits your requirements exactly.

Adventures Abroad group travel tours are geared towards senior travellers of age 50 and upwards. Tours vary from 7 to 45 days in length and are considered "soft adventure" trips that concentrate on the culture, history and natural attributes of destinations. Best of all, each tour is limited to a maximum of 21 participants per tour, which makes for a far more intimate, interactive and social learning environment.

With over 29 years of industry experience, Adventures Abroad has become an industry leader in tours for seniors. We design our itineraries ourselves and manage the entire tour experience from start to finish - which means we can be flexible and accommodating if an unexpected opportunity presents itself, as it so often does.

Discover Adventures Abroad's senior tours today and never look at the world the same way again!