The tours listed below, and the particular dates marked "Guaranteed" in red, constitute departures that, due to their past (and likely future) popularity, we have decided to "pre-guarantee" for 2014/2015.

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of our guaranteed tours; as new tours become guaranteed daily, please call our Destination Specialists to enquire about the status of your departure of interest.

Pre-Guaranteed Departures

275 tours available

SL1 Slovak Republic Tour

6 days from Bratislava to Bratislava

Arriving in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, we will quickly see that this city has no shortage of beauty and will realize that our time will be…

ML1 Malta Tour

6 days from Valleta to Valleta

Though small, Malta manages to cram just about everything a traveller could want between its borders: ancient sites dating from prehistoric through…

PS1 Portugal Tour

7 days from Lisbon to Porto

The country of Portugal seems vast in so many respects; such is evident in the copious amounts of ancient structures that are located along the…

IT8 Northern Italy Tour

8 days from Florence to Venice

From the Renaissance grandeur of its buildings, the abundance of its art galleries and the romantic warmth of its Tuscan atmosphere, Florence is a…

BU1 Bulgaria Tour

8 days from Sofia to Sofia

With a turbulent history that stretches back to the 7th century, a diverse topography of great beauty and an ever-welcoming people who are still in…