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AL1 Albania & Macedonia

14 days from Tirana to Skopje

Setting down in the heart and capital of Albania, Tirana, we spend the initial stages of our tour exploring this city that lies halfway between Rome… Read more

BS3 A Nordic Odyssey

21 days from Vilnius to Bergen

This is a splendid regional experience that brings Scandinavia back onto our European roster. The first week of this 3-week sojourn takes us through… Read more

BS1 Baltic States & Helsinki

9 days from Vilnius to Helsinki

Because Lithuania has been ruled by Sweden, Poland, France and Russia, we can see a variety of influence concerning the aesthetics of the capital… Read more

NK1 Nordic Explorer

15 days from Helsinki to Bergen

A spectacular 15-day adventure to the Nordic countries is a perfect opportunity to see what kind of treasures lie along the Baltic Sea. And there… Read more

P30 Peru & The Galapagos

19 days from Lima to Quito

Charles Darwin compiled his theory of evolution after observing the unique behaviour of the vast array of specially-adapted animals on the Galapagos… Read more