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KT1 Kenya & Tanzania Tour

20 days from Nairobi to Zanzibar

Kenya and Tanzania are destinations without equal in the realm of safari travel, since both lay claim to several national reserves and wildlife parks…

AU4 Australia & New Zealand Tour

17 days from Sydney to Queenstown

This is an excellent alternative to our much longer combination of Australia & New Zealand, covering the main highlights of both in an efficient,…

GS7 The Arab Gulf States Tour

19 days from Kuwait City to Muscat

This foray through the fascinating cultures and beautiful countryside of the Persian Gulf region begins in Kuwait City, which, after an extensive…

PA1 Pleasures Of Panama Tour

10 days from Panama City to Panama City

Christopher Columbus touched down on the beautiful white sands of Bocas del Toro, where 92 per cent of the land is covered in dense rainforest.…

I22 Southern India In Depth Tour

18 days from Bangalore to Chennai

Southern India is a destination going from strength to strength in popularity and to participate on this incredible adventure is to understand why. …