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UG4 Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

32 days from Entebbe to Zanzibar

Experience the great diversity of East Africa on this mammoth, month-long tour through four incredible countries and partake in a momentous journey… Read more

UG1 Uganda & Rwanda

13 days from Entebbe to Kigali

The outstanding natural beauty and diversity of landscape in Uganda has long served as focal point of inspiration for travellers. Towering mountains… Read more

RW3 Kenya & Tanzania

25 days from Kigali to Zanzibar

This unbelievable Africa tour through four world-class destinations combines stunning sceneries, incomparable nature, traditional cultures and unique… Read more

CS1 Costa Rica Explorer

11 days from San Jose to San Pedro Sula

Few destinations can come close to rivalling the splendour and diversity inherent in Costa Rica's natural environment and we explore every face… Read more

VN1 Vietnam

15 days from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

This 15-day tour begins in the beautiful Hanoi with its sprawling lakes, beaches and parks. You will be quick to examine the magnificence of this… Read more