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PE6 Peru & Bolivia Tour

17 days from Lima to La Paz

Famous for its plazas, ornate facades and wooden balconies, Peru's capital, Lima, was once the most important Spanish city during the colonial era…

ET2 Ethiopia Tour

22 days from Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa

An ancient land of stunning sceneries, fascinating cultures and first-rate historic sites, Ethiopia numbers among Africa's most rewarding tour…

AZ1 The Mighty Caucasus Tour

14 days from Baku to Yerevan

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is the entry point on this tour through the Caucasus and we take a couple of days to explore the fascinating…

PE2 Peru & Bolivia Tour

14 days from Lima to La Paz

Landing in Lima, once dubbed 'City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors, we begin our 14-day adventure through western and central South America by…

CE2 Central European Roundup Tour

21 days from Warsaw to Prague

Central Europe is HOT! Join us on a regional roundup of the highlights of this up-and-coming region. The trip kicks off with the well-preserved…