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I23 Essential India Tour

17 days from Delhi to Mumbai

As we make our way along the Ganges by boat we bear witness to hundreds of glowing lamps in dusk reflecting off the water, each held by a local…

LA1 Laos Tour

9 days from Bangkok to Bangkok

We peruse stalls brimming with trinkets and souvenirs as we wander the colourful markets of Luang Prabang, also known as the "Land of a Million…

EQ3 Ecuador & Galapagos Tour

17 days from Quito to Quito

Amazonian wonder, unique Galapagos wildlife and the rural and urban charms of Ecuador combine to make this magical journey in South America an…

ET2 Ethiopia Tour

22 days from Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa

An ancient land of stunning sceneries, fascinating cultures and first-rate historic sites, Ethiopia numbers among Africa's most rewarding tour…

EQ5 Ecuador & Galapagos Tour

22 days from Quito to Quito

This 22-day adventure in Ecuador takes us along the Amazon River and amid the Galapagos Islands, two destinations that are so different both from…