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XIE Ireland Tour

12 days from Dublin to Dublin

The southwest of Ireland, washed by the Gulf Stream, has a mild climate -- indeed natives call it "sub-tropical." This is reflected in the rich…

IT2 'the Beautiful Country' Tour

24 days from Palermo to Venice

For one country, there is so much to experience -- from the rugged beauty of the island of Sicily and the compelling historical sites of Pompeii, to…

IT6 Southern Italy Tour

14 days from Palermo to Rome

Sicily is an island of great natural beauty. Along the shorelines, spectacular rocky cliffs meet the deep blue, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean,…

GC2 Hellenic Marvel From Ages Past Tour

9 days from Athens to Athens

Greece is a country without rival when it comes to bewitching travellers with ancient monuments, exciting legends, noteworthy legacies and romance.…

IT1 Northern Italy Tour

14 days from Rome to Venice

Northern Italy is by far our most popular offering in Western Europe. This main two-week cultural program highlights all the special sights, sounds,…