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IL3 The Channel Islands & The Isle Of Wight Tour

15 days from London-Heathrow to London-Gatwick

The United Kingdom is surrounded by islands and some, in particular, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, like the Isle of Man, are independent…

IT6 Southern Italy Tour

14 days from Palermo to Rome

Sicily is an island of great natural beauty. Along the shorelines, spectacular rocky cliffs meet the deep blue, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean,…

SA2 Southern Africa Tour

18 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Landing in the vibrant cultural melting pot of Johannesburg in South Africa, we begin our journey through Southern Africa by extensively touring the…

PS3 Portugal & Spain Tour

24 days from Lisbon to Sevilla

Referring to history as existing in a series of layers can be an analogy taken quite literally when we see how the Colegiata de Santa Maria church…

CN4 Classic China Tour

15 days from Hong Kong to Beijing

As we stand atop Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, we look down at a sprawling city that seems like it would go on forever if it were not for the shores of…