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September 2013

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Dear Travellers,

In this special edition of eNavigator, we're letting past clients' experiences speak for themselves. Nothing can compare to first-hand experience of a destination, but we can give you the next best thing: reading others' thoughts and insights on the very itineraries that are now guaranteed departures for this year!

Click on the below images for more information and remember that this list is non-exhaustive; just because you don't see your perfect vacation listed, that doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have what you're looking for this fall/winter. Call or e-mail our Destination Specialists for the full, up-to-date information and to discuss how we can make your dream trip a reality.

The Adventures Abroad team

Japan By Rail JP2 Japan By Rail

"Two friends each took the JP2 tour with Stephen Scrogings and raved about it...Stephen did a superb job of giving us the culinary flavour of each city/area visited...Loved the bullet train, the buses were very comfortable... Boats and taxis were very good and contributed to getting a real feel for the country and its people."
Stephen R.

Brazil Samba Sensation BR1 Brazil Samba Sensation

"This tour had been our 9th or 10th tour with Adventures Abroad. We have enjoyed them all thoroughly...[On tour BR1], all the excursions were well planned and very interesting...The evening meals were truly superb! Also, the breakfast buffets were a joy to wake up to!"
Mike V.

Thailand & Laos SE2 Thailand Laos

"I really liked all of the excursions, particularly the boat excursions...Evening meals were excellent, [Tour Leader] Peter [Barathan] was always on top of finding great restaurants...I was extremely pleased with Adventures Abroad and would highly recommend them."
Sheryl A.

Kenya & Tanzania KT1 Kenya Tanzania

"The excursions and the things we experienced were excellent. I believe we experienced once-in-a-lifetime things that, simply due to being at the right time and place, few other people get to experience. I also attribute much of this being in the right time and place to [Tour Leader] James Kaggia, excellent spotter of animals, and to the local driver/guides we had."
Helen S.

Cuba CU1 Cuba

"[Excursions particularly enjoyed:] Mountain hike through National Park and delicious roast suckling pig, Cigar factory, walk to Vinales Valley farms, all city walking tours, stop at Cenote for a swim, after dinner visits to music clubs, river excursion near Baracoa to a small island, eating at home restaurants...Your tour to Cuba exceeded my expectations."
Bruce F.

Peru & Bolivia PE2 Peru Bolivia

"I very much felt we received money's worth...I really enjoyed all of the excursions where I participated. There was a nice mix of cultural, unique and fun...All of our local guides were very knowledgable, friendly and professional. They added to our experience...The trip was amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone."
Kim D.

Vietnam & Cambodia VN2 Vietnam Cambodia

"The hour long cyclo tour through the busy streets of Hanoi was the highlight, not only for me but for most of the people in the group...Walking through the villages and seeing the way people lived: in Dien Bien Phu and in Cambodia. The visit to a school in Cambodia left us with a souvenir we will never forget."
Louise N.

Pleasures of Panama PA1 Pleasures Of Panama

"The canal tour was a great experience, the Embera village was very worthwhile, the forests of the highlands were another part of the country to be enjoyed, Bocas del Toros was a nice balance to the other activities of the tour...It was good to be taken to a local craft market to see the articles that are made by the people of the communities."
Lorine B.

India & Sri Lanka IA13 India

"We have made several trips with AA and found we enjoy the small groups, the local tours and the routes chosen. This trip did not disappoint; it was really an amazing holiday. It was very busy and there were just so many special sites and interesting things to see — we will be thinking of it for a long time...Thanks AA for lots more good memories."
Thelma S.

Ethiopia ET2 Ethiopia

"The villages, bull jumping & blood letting...[I] think the guide did an excellent job showing us how the people really lived. Liked crossing the Omo River...I think all were done very well, especially considering how difficult it is to co-ordinate things that are not on a fixed time schedule...The local guides in the South Omo were excellent; we were able to do some really neat things because of them."
Barbara C.

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