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February 2013

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Early Booking Discount: $200 off below select tours booked before March 31, 2013!

Tour references on request: Talk to past Adventures Abroad travellers about their experiences.

Voyager Reward Points expiry imminent: New Frequent Traveller Reward Program launches.

Early Booking Discount - $200 off all tours listed below if booked by March 31!

Don't delay in making your booking—the discount is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and only available to the first eight bookings on each tour booked before March 31, 2013. Call today to secure your spot!
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Tanzania & Southern Africa Tanzania & Southern Africa

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador & Galapagos Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador

Mayan Discoverer Mayan Discoverer

Spain: North & South Spain: North & South

Ecuador & Galapagos Ecuador && Galapagos

Czech, Slovakia, Romania & Bulgaria Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria

Italy & The Adriatic Italy & The Adriatic

Kenya & Tanzania Family Safari Kenya & Tanzania

Turkey Family Tour Turkey Family Tour

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Tour Ecuador & Galapagos Family Tour

Egypt Family Tour Egypt Family Tour

Costa Rica Family Tour Costa Rica Family Tour

Italy Family Tour Italy Family Tour

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Peru Family Tour Peru Family Tour

The Way Of Saint James The Way Of Saint James

Company/tour references on request

Thinking about taking an Adventures Abroad tour, but looking for first-hand advice?

We can put you in direct contact (phone or e-mail) with past clients who have either been to your destination of choice or completed your specific tour of choice with Adventures Abroad. Find out for yourself why thousands of travellers book year-in, year-out with us—call our Destination Specialists today to ask for references and you will hear personal, unbiased accounts from real Adventures Abroad travellers.

New Frequent Traveller Reward Program

NB: If you have unused Voyager Reward Points, we will continue accepting them until 14 February 2013, at which point all unused Voyager Reward Points will expire. If you are unsure, please call us to find out whether you have unused Voyager Reward Points.

Here is our new and improved loyalty reward program for travellers:

Every completed tour earns travellers $100 in credit, which can be used towards any subsequent Adventures Abroad tour

• Credits awarded only after tour completion
• Unused credits expire one year after original tour completion date (subsequent tour must be booked within 12 months of original tour completion date)
• Unlimited number of credits can be used per tour

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