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Dear Travellers,

Welcome to the 'Last-Minute Availability' edition of Navigator. If you haven't yet got your 2014 vacation plans in place, fear not! Look out your passport, pack your bags, grab a cuppa and read all about our fantastic upcoming guaranteed tours in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and North America.

But remember: most of the booking deadlines for the below tours are almost upon us, so don't delay in calling our Destination Specialists to reserve your spot on a cultural journey of a lifetime!

The Adventures Abroad team

Tunisia Tunisia

TN1 Must book by 12 Feb 2014!
On the brink of adopting a new constitution that will be one of the most liberal in the Arab world and buoyed by recent positive media coverage, Tunisia is witnessing a surge in popularity. Discover the legendary city of Carthage, colourful souks and mosques, fantastic Roman amphitheatres and aqueducts, and a blend of Mediterranean charm and traditional Arab culture. Our April 2014 tour of this underrated (and still relatively tourist-free) destination only needs 2 more bookings to become guaranteed and the booking deadline is imminent!

Canadian Arctic Safari 2015 Canadian Arctic Safari 2015

MCCA Only 3 spots left until sold out
Guaranteed within a week of its launch and almost completely sold out after two, our land-based 2015 Canadian Arctic tour, designed and led by Senior Tour Leader Martin Charlton, proved wildly popular with travellers eager to see the exotic wildlife, unique cultures and desolately beautiful landscapes of the North. Polar bears, seals, whales, pods of tusked narwhals, gargantuan ice shelves and the Inuit way of life; only the Arctic yields these treasures. This is a one-time departure featuring gourmet meals and luxury safari-style tented camps.

Israel Israel

IS1, IS8 Optional 4-day Jordan extension
Israel continues to rank high on our most popular destinations list—our March 2014 departure is guaranteed with limited space remaining—and it's not difficult to understand why. For some, the draw is the impressive religious and historic sites—and since Israel is the 'Holy Land' of three of the world's major religions, there's no shortage in that area; for others, it's the eclectic fusion of ancient with modern, European with Middle Eastern and bustling urban centres with desert oases. Choose to tour Israel by itself (code IS1), or opt to extend your adventure into Jordan to explore the incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites in Petra (code IS8).

Northern Spain Northern Spain

ES1 Guaranteed - limited space available
Like a meticulously woven tapestry, Northern Spain is a colourful masterpiece of regional diversity, incredible human endeavour and creative genius; a place where entire cities are works of art unto themselves, where all the cultural movements down the centuries have left their mark and where the mediaeval complements the modern at every turn. Our guaranteed April 2014 itinerary reads like a tour of world-class cities and highlights: Santiago de Compostela, Leon, Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, the Guggenheim, the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Gaudi architecture, Madrid Royal Palace and Prado Museum. Book soon to secure your spot.

The Five Stans The Five Stans

CA3 Booking deadline imminent!
We first launched this remarkable tour that provides a comprehensive overview of the rarely visited areas of Central Asia back in 2010 and interest was high, a trend that is continuing this year, with both our April and September departures guaranteed for 2014. There's not much time left if you want to join the spring departure to see the region's ancient walled cities, magnificent mosques, minarets dating from the 12th century, lively bazaars with locals in traditional dress, and urban centres that haven't changed in two centuries.

Kingdoms Of The Himalaya Kingdoms Of The Himalaya

HM7, HM8, H10 Last-minute space!
Venture deep into the heart of the world's largest mountain range and discover hidden gems as yet relatively untouched by mass tourism. Our Himalayan Kingdoms series traverses Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Darjeeling province in India, and we have three guaranteed tour codes lined up for April 2014! Stupefying vistas of snow-capped, rugged summits and lush valleys, immense Buddhist palaces, labyrinthine monasteries, amazing temple complexes and vibrant traditional festivals: this spectacular series captures the essence of a truly fascinating part of the world.

Malta Malta

ML1 Guaranteed & filling fast!
Though small, Malta manages to cram just about everything a traveller could want between its borders: historic sites dating from prehistoric through to colonial eras; a fascinating history as old as any in the Mediterranean; timeless hamlets and bustling cities compact enough to be explored on foot; and unique culture and nature. Among the highlights of our tour: the Grand Master's Palace, underground catacombs and Neolithic temples, mediaeval city walls and 2nd-century citadels, Crusader fortresses, and sailing the routes of the Knights of St John and the Ottoman fleet of Suleyman the Magnificent.

The Caucasus The Caucasus

AZ1 Four guaranteed tours for 2014/2015
With April and September departures guaranteed for 2014 and 2015, our 2-week adventure through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia remains a perennial favourite for travellers. We follow parts of the ancient Silk Road trading route, which linked China with Western Europe, and our destinations offer up a wealth of historic, architectural and cultural marvels owing to their location at the nexus between Europe and Asia. Along with millennia-old monasteries, world-famous wine districts, palaces, mosques and outrageous views of the Caucasus Mountains, according to some, here is where you find the most beautiful sceneries on Earth.

Morocco Morocco

MO1, MO5 2 guaranteed April 2014 tours
Exotic, kaleidoscopic and imbued with an almost palpable ancient mystique, Morocco never fails to seduce travellers... and those who visit can seldom resist returning. The High Atlas Mountains and sweeping Sahara dunes lend dramatic backdrops to bustling UNESCO Heritage medinas, vibrant spice markets, imposing fortresses, cities of maze-like sandstone alleys and Berber villages. We have two tours guaranteed for April 2014 (8 days and 15 days); sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

Norway & Finland Cruising Norway Finland Featuring Coastal Cruising Lapland

MCNF Second departure added!
Following the lightning-fast selling out of the only scheduled September 2014 departure, we have now added a new September 2014 date (13th) to ensure no one misses out on this classic Nordic adventure. Along with embarking on city tours of Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki, Trondheim and Kirkenes, we'll enjoy a seven-day coastal cruise, with six shore excursions to discover the cultural life and old traditions of local inhabitants.

The Adriatic The Adriatic

AD1 Guaranteed for May & Sept. 2014
Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are the focus of our popular Adriatic adventure and our comprehensive, 17-day itinerary leaves no stone unturned as we explore this stunning region of the world. Ljubljana, Hvar, Dubrovnik, the Julian Alps, Plitvice Lakes, the Istrian Peninsula: all the major attractions are there, and the scenery truly has to be seen to be believed.

South Pacific Explorer South Pacific Explorer

MCSP Only 1 spot left before sold out!
Any plans for early summer? June might seem like a while away yet, but since we have only 1 spot remaining on our highlight-packed South Pacific adventure that spends time in Palau, Tonga, Samoa, Guam, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, you'll need to act fast to join the fun! Showcasing the most traditional cultures and exotic tropical landscapes in Oceania, this 24-day tour will astonish you with soaring volcanoes, lush jungles, paradisiacal islands and cultural diversity.