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Albania is an often-overlooked ancient land that boasts 300km of glorious Adriatic coastline, mediaeval citadels, centuries-old mosques, UNESCO heritage cities, and a wealth of Greek, Roman and Ottoman sites (including the largest Roman amphitheatre in the Balkans).
Featured on tours: AD6, AL1, BK1

Austria's capital, Vienna, is a showpiece city replete with baroque castles, ornate palaces, immaculately manicured gardens and grand monuments, while Innsbruck and Salzburg captivate visitors with fabled alpine scenery and artistic ambience.
Featured on tours: XGC, CE1, SW6, CE2

Dating from the 7th century, Bulgaria is a nation with a long and proud heritage, much of which is evident in the customs and traditions of the people. Czar castles, domed churches, 10th-century monasteries, magnificent frescoes and the Valley of the Roses (where 70% of the world's rose extract is produced) are just a few of the highlights on our cultural journeys here.
Featured on tours: RO2, HU3, SL4, CZ5

Croatia's recent and rapid development is a testament to its abundant cultural and natural bounties that have captured the world's attention. Beyond the tourist routes, however, there still exist areas untouched by mass tourism - you just have to know where to look (and we do!). The spectacular Dalmation Coast, its pearls Dubrovnik and Hvar, the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes, Roman ruins and much more await!
Featured on tours: XAD, AD1, BK1, AD4, AD6, AD9

Czech Republic
Renaissance chateaux, Gothic fortresses, opulent concert halls and cobbled squares skirted by multi-hued Baroque buildings mark our journey through one of Europe's most rewarding destinations. Prague, Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov are all on the 'must-see' list... and we cover them all.
Featured on tours: CZ2, XGC, CE1, CZ7, GP1, CE2, CZ3, CZ4, CZ5

Our exploration of Denmark centres on its capital city, Copenhagen, a surprisingly laid-back and slow-paced city for one of Europe's major hubs. More reminiscent of a large village than major city, Copenhagen is extremely accessible and its scenic canals, historic centres and luminous red, yellow and blue buildings only enhance its appeal.
Featured on tours: NK1, BS3

Helsinki is the jewel in Finland's crown; sophisticated, elegant, dynamic and modern yet traditional - all the ingredients for the makings of a great global capital and more. Fringed by tiny islands and perforated by shimmering bays, the waterfront capital enamours visitors with beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, stately palaces, wide green spaces and old-style restaurants and bars.
Featured on tours: BS1, BS2 NK1, PL5 BS3, PL9

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre are staples on any France tour, but our adventure also features time in Normandy and the 11th-century UNESCO Heritage site of Mont St-Michel, the vineyards and orchards of the Loire Valley, magnificent chateaux and delectable cuisine.
Featured on tours: FR7, XFR

Journey to Greece and stand at an incredible crossroads of cultures and civilizations. Rarely in Western Europe can one still find such rugged isolation; cut off from the rest of the continent by its geography, Greece retains a character long ago lost in other locales in the Mediterranean basin. Athens, Tinos, Santorini and Amorgos all feature on our Hiking the Greek Isles tour and we also offer combinations with Turkey, Macedonia and Kosovo.
Featured on tours: GI6, XGI, GM1, GR7, GR2, GR8

The nation of Hungary today is one that houses a proud and resilient people whose eclectic amalgam of heritages lends a culture that bears influence from multiple foreign civilizations, making it a fascinating and unique tour destination. From the exquisite stateliness of Budapest through the mediaeval centres of Eger and to the first-rate wine region on the Villany-Siklos Wine Road, our cultural tours serve up a taste of everything Hungary has to offer.
Featured on tours: SL2, CE1, CZ7, HU2, CE2, SL3, CZ3, HU3, CZ4, SL4, CZ5

Ireland never fails to enchant travellers with its rich folkloric tradition, legendary hospitality, rolling hills and ancient ruins. Best of all, it's diminutive size means we are able to cover the entire length of the island comfortably on a two-week tour. Through charming fishing villages on the Dingle Peninsula, the bustling capital of Dublin, the Ring of Kerry in the far south and Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, we leave no stone unturned as we discover why the island deserves its sterling reputation.
Featured on tours: IE1, XIE

Perhaps it should comes as no surprise that Italy has been home to some of history's greatest artistic accomplishments, given that the natural beauty of the country and the cultural and architectural legacies of several influential past civilizations serve as the greatest inspiration. Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona - we explore a star-studded line up of world-class cities, interspersed with time in picturesque coastal villages along the Cinque Terre.
Featured on tours: IT7, IT6, IT1, ML2, IT2, IT3, AD4, ML3, AD9

(Discounts applicable to our Spain and Portugal tours combining with Morocco).
One of Morocco's greatest lures for travellers is that it acts as something of a gateway between Europe and Africa. Incorporating elements of both continents into its cultural fabric, Morocco is the perfect destination for North Americans to get a taste for both sides of the Mediterranean. Imperial cities, Berber villages, fairytale landscapes and colourful bazaars set Morocco apart as a superlative destination.
Featured on tours: ES4, ES6, ES5, PS4, ES7, PS5

Undeniably among the world's most spectacular destinations for its plunging fjords, steep, snow-tipped peaks and otherworldly landscapes, Norway is as naturally bewitching as it is culturally fascinating. Renowned for its cruising opportunities, abounding wildlife and intriguing Viking heritage, Norway makes for the perfect destination to round off our Nordic tours; our itineraries include the Flam Railway, one of the world's most spectacular rail journeys, and a 2-hour fjord cruise past tumbling waterfalls and sheltered hamlets.
Featured on tours: NK1, BS3

Portugal has as diverse a natural topography as it does a cultural history. Its capital, Lisbon, lays claim to thousands of years of existence, first settled by pre-Celtic tribes earlier than the first millennium BC and subsequently inhabited by Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians. We balance time in the major urban centres like Lisbon and Porto with the slower-paced bucolic side of the country — the Duoro Valley and quaint fishing villages.
Featured on tours: PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5

Romania is a land of stark contrast: lush, undulating meadows and craggy, towering mountains; fairytale castles perched precariously on rocky cliffs and wooden-hut villages; frenetic cities reminiscent of Western Europe and sleepy towns that time forgot. Featuring UNESCO Heritage monasteries and fortified churches, Gothic castles that are among the finest in Europe (including Bran Castle - alleged home of Bram Stoker's Dracula) and stunning vistas across the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, our Romania tours have more than enough to sink your teeth into.
Featured on tours: RO2, HU2, SL3, UA2, HU3, CZ4, SL4, CZ5

Spanning nine time zones and featuring unrivalled cultural, natural and man-made diversity, Russia is immense in every sense. We offer a three-day exploration of St Petersburg on our Baltic States & Russia tour (also combines with Poland), but for travellers looking for a more substantial exploration of the entire country, we have two itineraries that make use of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, which stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok, alighting at various points en route. Featured on tours: BS2, TS1, TS2, PL9

Scotland is a small country that leaves an almighty impression; a land of romance, legend and historic wonder. Its rolling hills, serene lochs and misty glens have inspired poets, inventors and explorers down the ages and its at times torrid history has given rise to a strong cultural identity and passionately defended traditions. Our Scotland walking tour features a portion of the West Highland Way, terminating at the foot of the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis, and allows time enough to explore the largest city, Glasgow, and to soak in the magic of the highlands.
Featured on tours: XSC

Slovak Republic
Verdant valleys enveloped by snow-tipped glacier peaks, picture-perfect mediaeval castles atop imposing crags, ancient trade routes traversed over the centuries by the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, traditional villages and charming spa towns — it probably won't be long before the word is out and Slovakia becomes the next tourist hotspot of Eastern Europe. We recommend seeing it before that happens.
Featured on tours: CZ2, SL2, CE1, CZ7, CE2, CZ3, SL3, CZ4, CZ5

Tiny by nature, but a heavyweight in terms of natural beauty, Slovenia is a very affordable way to appreciate Eastern European culture and nature at its best. Turquoise-green rivers weave their way past impossibly green forests and stunning alpine sceneries are dotted with tiny hamlets, iridescent rivers and pristine valleys.
Featured on tours: AD1, AD4, AD6, AD9

Spain has long been one of Western Europe's powerhouses on the world tourism stage and it never disappoints. Our discounted Spain offerings include the North, the South, North & South, combinations with Portugal and Morocco, and Hiking the Way of Saint James. Cultural and architectural marvel, a stunning variety of landscapes and a warm people with a true passion for life: Spain earns its place among the world's top destinations.
Featured on tours: ES2, ES1, PS2, XPR, ES3, ES4, PS3, ES6, ES5, PS4, ES7, PS5

Vibrant, stylish Stockholm is Sweden's masterpiece — a place where sleek contemporary design blends with Old Town architecture and cobblestone alleys, ancient traditions and heritage are celebrated by a fashionable, multicultural populace and urbanity is complemented by the most picturesque of natural backdrops. Straddling 14 islands, Stockholm is best appreciated by boat, via its winding canals and inlets.
Featured on tours: NK1, BS3

What better way to get a sense of Europe than to visit a destination that displays influences and cultural traits of numerous destinations? Switzerland is a cosmopolitan fusion of French, Italian, German and, of course, Swiss heritage and culture, a magnificent hodgepodge with awe-inspiring mountain vistas, some of the grandest churches and architecture on the continent, and enchanting alpine spa towns.
Featured on tours: XSW, SW1, SW6

Ukraine is a country on the verge of change. For now, it remains a fascinating blend of East meets West, an unpolished and unspoiled destination with Old World allure and massive diversity. Authentic and rewarding, Ukraine has all the unique UNESCO Heritage sites, Gothic cathedrals, folkloric traditions, and spectacular panoramas of its Eastern European neighbours, but without the throngs of tourists...for now.
Featured on tours: UA1, UA2, PL7

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