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TN1 Tunisia Tour

10 days from Tunis to Tunis

Come and see a bounteous country that has played a highly significant role in world history. Home to a civilisation that rivaled the Roman Empire,…

ML4 Malta & Tunisia Tour

15 days from Valleta to Tunis

What a better way to experience the world of the Mediterranean than stepping foot into the centre of it all? Malta boasts unique villas that have…

TM1 Tunisia & Malta Tour

15 days from Tunis to Valleta

After the Roman Empire conquered Carthage, Julius Caesar resurrected the city into a vast metropolitan that was almost comparable to the grandeur of…

TM2 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

28 days from Tunis to Rome

This tour gives us a good perspective of the considerable expanse of the Roman Empire. From the Byrsa Hill acropolis along the Tunisian shores of…

TM3 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

38 days from Tunis to Venice

Staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the many experiences that are expected along this tour, but we will be involving ourselves…


More About Tunisia

The North African country of Tunisia has recently seen something of a boom in tourism as more and more Europeans are discovering the territory's allure. However, often travellers don't make it far beyond Tunisia's shoreline, being content instead to relish lazing on some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches of the southern Mediterranean. This attraction is without doubt the feature that draws in the majority of Tunisia's tourism business, and understandably so, but as marvellous as the 1,100km coastline stretches are, they are by no means the only attractions that Tunisia has to offer.



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