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ES6 Spain & Morocco Tour

25 days from Madrid to Casablanca

One look at the mountains framing the sky or the lakes that mirror any beauty that happens to be above the calm surface and we will come to…

ES7 Spain & Morocco Tour

33 days from Santiago de Compostela to Casablanca

This extensive tour of Spain and Morocco provides enough time for those who are fond of exploration to turn over as many stones as possible in the…

JHMA Macaronesia Tour With Jonathan Hodgson

21 days from Ponta Delgada to Praia

This is another exciting and unique itinerary from the imagination of senior Tour Leader, Jonathan Hodgson and our Product Department - a…

MCMS Microstates Of Europe Tour

20 days from Rome to Antwerp

Join us as we explore the unique culture, history and scenery of these fascinating corners of Europe. These less sizable nations tend to remain under…

PS2 Portugal & Northern Spain Tour

16 days from Lisbon to Barcelona

Arriving in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, we will be eager to begin our daily excursions because we have over 20 centuries of history to…


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Located in Western Europe, the continent’s fourth largest country boasts a 5000 km coastline which touches the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Bay of Biscay. Historically, whether you believe Spain’s name derived from the Pharaoh's regarding to the area as ‘the land that forged metals’ or that it derives from the Greek’s poetic use of the term Hesperia, meaning "land of the setting sun", there is little doubt that Spain has an interesting past.

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