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SA5 South Africa & Namibia Tour

25 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

We will be touching down in the capital of South Africa -- Johannesburg -- and traces of its history stand out at every turn of the corner. The area…

SA8 Southern Africa & Kenya Tour

26 days from Johannesburg to Nairobi

One of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities in the world awaits us as we touch down in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having been completely…

TZ3 Tanzania & Southern Africa Tour

26 days from Nairobi to Cape Town

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is our first port of call on this 24-day explorative adventure through Tanzania and Southern Africa and we take time…

SA3 Southern Africa & Namibia Tour

29 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

This exciting tour through five Southern African countries kicks off in Johannesburg, a remarkable city of contrasts known as 'The City of Gold',…

AF1 Southern African Circuit Tour

32 days from Johannesburg to Maun

The bustling streets of cosmopolitan Johannesburg serve as the perfect introduction to our tour through the lands and cultures of the African south,…


More About South Africa

Bordered by five other African nations namely Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and completely surrounding the small nation of Lesotho, South Africa recognizes 11 official languages, along with a further eight non-official ones, and is a nation without a single and unified defined culture.

It is, rather, an amalgam of different cultures all occupying its territory at the southernmost tip of Africa, and with the highest continental population of European, Indian and mixed-race peoples, a tour to South Africa guarantees the traveller an amazingly diverse cultural experience.

Sampling the various foods or enjoying the different traditional dances of the many cultures in one locale are but a couple of features that make a tour to South Africa so enriching and some of the reasons that travellers return to the country year after year.



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