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PE1 Classic Peru Tour

8 days from Lima to Lima

The sight of Peruvian villagers going about their daily business amid their mud-brick houses that stand in the foreground of the mighty peak of…

PE10 Classic Peru Tour

10 days from Lima to Lima

This itinerary combines our Classic Peru tour with an extension to the Peruvian Amazon for a highlight packed, extremely varied Andean and jungle…

PE5 Peru Tour

11 days from Lima to Lima

As our plane glides over the 2, 000 year old Nazca Lines, we can hear about some of the theories as to why the ancient Nazca people put so much time…

PE11 Classic Peru Tour

13 days from Lima to Lima

This itinerary combines our Classic Peru tour with two extensions: Nazca & Ica, as well ass to the Peruvian Amazon for a highlight packed, extremely…

PE2 Peru & Bolivia Tour

14 days from Lima to La Paz

Landing in Lima, once dubbed 'City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors, we begin our 14-day adventure through western and central South America by…


More About Peru

Northern Peru boasts a unique and fascinating cultural history. The entire region is dotted with archeological sites; many of the gold and silver, artifacts, ceramics and weavings made by the Chimu, Moche and Sican people are housed in the Sican and the Royal Tomb of Sipan museums.

Near the 'White City' of Arequipa is a spectacular attraction: the Colca Canyon. This canyon cuts 3182 m (10,607 ft) into the earth-twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in Arizona! The Colca is shadowed by snow-topped mountains, many of them volcanoes, and sliced by the Colca River. Around Lake Titicaca, traces of a rich Indian past still stubbornly cling, resisting the Spanish conquistadors' aggressive campaign to erase Inca and pre-Inca cultures and, in recent times, the lure of modernization.

When Peruvians talk of turquoise blue Titacaca, they proudly note that it is so large it has waves! Join us on this very comprehensive and varied tour to uncover the secrets of the still little-known pre-Inca cultures of Northern Peru and its myriad unique natural wonders, as well as the renowned attractions of the Incan capital of Cuzco and the magic of Machu Picchu.



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