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PS4 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

32 days from Lisbon to Casablanca

Now is the chance to see Portugal, Spain and Morocco in one solid 32-day adventure that will leave us with a stronger desire to expose ourselves to…

ES7 Spain & Morocco Tour

33 days from Santiago de Compostela to Casablanca

This extensive tour of Spain and Morocco provides enough time for those who are fond of exploration to turn over as many stones as possible in the…

PS5 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

39 days from Lisbon to Casablanca

If we are to conjure up images of Portugal, we might picture white-stone balconies supporting various arrangements of flower pots; when thinking…


More About Morocco

One of Morocco's greatest lures for travellers is that it acts as something of a gateway between Europe and Africa. Incorporating elements of both continents into its cultural fabric, Morocco is the perfect destination for Europeans looking to get a taste of what Africa has to offer and vice versa.

Combining this with sparkling golden beaches on its Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, arid Sahara regions ideal for camel trekking and an ethnically diverse and highly hospitable population, Morocco offers a vast range of sight and activity enough to please all visitors; whether you're looking for historic attractions, beautiful scenery or a glimpse into a wholly different way of life without sacrificing the familiar comforts of your familiar surroundings, Morocco's the place for you.

Although Morocco and Europe are only separated by the 15kms of the Gibraltar Strait, in many respects they are worlds apart. A unique fusion of African culture and European traits, Morocco is often considered a gateway country; a means through which Europeans can ease themselves into Africa and Africans can enjoy a taste of Europe without leaving the continent. As a tour destination, Morocco is becoming increasingly popular and is not by any means restricted to those looking for a first taste of Africa. On the contrary, Morocco is a place that travellers return to year after year, a fact that speaks to the alluring nature of the country and its people.

Topographically speaking, Morocco is about as varied as it gets. From the towering peaks of the Atlas mountains to the miles of superlative gold-sand beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, and from the wide, rolling coastal plains where most of the countryâ??s population can be found to the harsh extremes of the southern Saharan regions; Morocco boasts an abundance of sterling landscapes to take in, and plenty of activities in which to participate. Where relaxing tours can limit themselves to the areas on and around the sun-drenched beaches, more adventurous tours can involve hiking in the mountains, camel riding in the deserts, or getting the feet wet with some watersports along the coasts.

Morocco has a diversity of populace that equals its diversity in geography. Foreign influences, invading armies and immigrating refugees throughout the ages have moulded the country into a melting pot of cultures and there exists in Morocco descendants of Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Andalusians, sub-Saharan Africans and indigenous Berbers. The result is that travellers are not only greeted with an eclectic mix of traditions and customs, but also treated to an array of architectural styles from a multitude of erasâ??-Roman ruins, Berber fortresses and Islamic monuments, to name a scant few. However, while it may be said that the impressive Palais Royal in Rabat and the fascinating UNESCO Heritage Site of the medina in Fes are unmissable points of interest on a tour, the most common reason given by our travellers for repeat visits is the hospitality of the locals.



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