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AD4 Italy & The Adriatic Tour

24 days from Florence to Dubrovnik

As one of the most atmospheric and striking cities in Italy, Florence is as rich in history and culture as it is in spirit and attraction. Famous as…

VRCI The Italian Isles & Corsica 2018 Tour

28 days from Bastia to Naples

This tour will be led by senior Tour Leader, Victor Romagnoli. "Proximity to water is one of my favourite aspects of Italy, a country with a vast…

ML3 Malta & Italy Tour

29 days from Valleta to Venice

For the better part of a month, we immerse ourselves in the cultures, partake in the beauty of the landscapes and seek to discover the hearts and…

AD9 Italy & The Adriatic Tour

30 days from Rome to Dubrovnik

Historical structures throughout Italy have seen extensive restoration and it's all been worth the effort. This country's history doesn't just offer…


More About Italy

Our Italy travel tours whisk you away to the Mediterranean peninsula known as 'Bel Paese' (or beautiful country), allowing you to immerse yourself in the country that boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and a nation with an unrivalled reputation for generating and housing the best art and artists. Italy escorted tours explore this region of remarkable natural and man-made beauty, letting travellers experience the world-renowned hospitality of the locals and get the most out of a visit to this most notable of European destinations.

It is hardly surprising that Italy, has been home to some of history's greatest artistic accomplishments, as the natural beauty and wonder of the country, combined with its perpetual legacies of several imposingly influential past civilizations, continue to serve as the greatest inspiration.



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