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CZ3 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic & Hungary Tour

21 days from Prague to Budapest

We land in the heart of Europe when we touch down in the Czech Republic and the ever-exciting atmosphere and stunningly attractive setting of Prague…

SL3 Slovak Republic, Hungary & Romania Tour

21 days from Bratislava to Bucharest

If we were wanting to discover what makes Eastern Europe one of the most beautiful locations on Earth, we would be sure to take a trip to the…

HU3 Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

23 days from Budapest to Sofia

Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes and cultures of these three highly rewarding Eastern…

CZ4 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary & Romania Tour

28 days from Prague to Bucharest

Experience the best of culture, spectacle and nature on this 28-day adventure through four highly memorable tour destinations in the heart of Europe.…


More About Hungary

Landlocked in the heart of Europe, Hungary has seen far more than its fair share of turmoil throughout its bloody history and yet the small country seems to be all the better for it. After centuries of being plundered, invaded, oppressed and devastated by a host of foreign peoples, it is surprising enough that Hungary has survived this long, but more so that it has managed to develop, even flourish, under the most adverse of conditions.

Though much of Hungary's past is interwoven with tragedy, its people have time and again overcome whatever misfortunes have befallen them, creating and nurturing for themselves a unique identity and culture. The nation today is one that houses a proud and resilient people whose eclectic amalgam of heritages lends a culture that is built on the foundations of influence from foreign civilizations, making Hungary a fascinating tour destination.



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