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90F China Family Tour

12 days from Hong Kong to Beijing

Lasting just shy of two weeks, our fun-packed China Family Tour gives a comprehensive overview of the intriguing culture and fabulous nature of this,… Read more

CN2 Classic China

12 days from Shanghai to Beijing

Explore the absorbing world of Eastern China on this spectacular 12-day tour. The urban sprawl of Beijing gives us a sense of the rate of growth this… Read more

MCNK North Korea

12 days from Beijing to Beijing

*** PLEASE NOTE: North Korea's borders are currently closed due to the "Ebola threat." Once the ban is lifted, this tour itinerary, dates and prices… Read more

CN4 Classic China

15 days from Hong Kong to Beijing

As we stand atop Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, we look down at a sprawling city that seems like it would go on forever if it were not for the shores of… Read more

CH7 Yunnan & Tibet

15 days from Kunming to Chengdu

The Ancient Tea Route was a network of mule caravan paths winding through the mountains of Yunnan Province in Southwest China. From around a thousand… Read more



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