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EP2 Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru & Bolivia Tour

27 days from Quito to La Paz

Touching down in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, we have the chance to step into the past as we tour the Spanish colonial centre that has been…

PQ2 Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador Tour

28 days from Lima to Quito

Peru's capital city was once called 'The City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors and it is here that we begin our 28-day tour through South America.…

PQ3 Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador & Galapagos Tour

30 days from Lima to Quito

After extensive exploration of beautiful plazas, plentiful museums, ornate palaces and some of the best Baroque and Renaissance churches on the…

EP4 Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru & Bolivia Tour

32 days from Quito to La Paz

Nestled in the shadows of the Pichincha volcano high in the Andes, Ecuador's capital city, Quito, boasts a wealth of attraction and a natural…

PQ4 Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador & Galapagos Tour

33 days from Lima to Quito

We find out for ourselves why Spanish conquistadors came to dub Peru's capital city 'The City of Kings' as we begin our 33-day adventure through…


More About Bolivia

Like much of its natural environment, Bolivia is wild in some respects; where other countries through evolution and development have lost portions of their ancient roots, Bolivia today retains a stark semblance of the Bolivia that existed in the days of yore and in the times of the great Inca civilization, who once called it home.

Just as the mighty Andes mountains within Boliviaâ??s borders have remained largely unchanged throughout the ages, so too do the culture, traditions and legacies of the Incas yet permeate every aspect of Bolivian life. For cultural exploration and discovery, Bolivia rivals any country on the globe, and this, along with its remarkable landscape, welcoming people and wealth of attractions, makes the country a fantastic atypical tour destination.

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