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Austria Cultural Tours

2 tours available

CE1 Cities Of Wonder Tour

15 days from Prague to Budapest

This remarkable 16-day tour of some of the most bewitching and memorable cities on the planet begins in the Czech Republic's capital city, Prague.…


More About Austria

Combining some of the greatest cultural history and architecture in the world with spectacular landscapes and sights of natural wonder, Austria lies landlocked in central Europe, snugly nestled between the borders of eight other European nations. Its past is as distinct and fascinating as any country worldwide and nowhere is this better illustrated than through its marvellous architecture and splendid historical monuments.

What sets this country apart, however, is the fact that it is one of the few tour destinations that boasts a wealth of activities regardless of season and that due to the sheer scope and diversity of attractions, even the most discerning of travellers will find something to pique their interest.

Austria deservedly gains recognition as one of the world's top winter sports destinations, with the towering, snow-crowned peaks of the Alps having few equals when it comes to offering the utmost gratification in both vista and activity. Travellers the globe across flock to the pistes, either to partake in some of the innumerable snow-pastimes or simply to enjoy the breathtaking views, but the allure of the country is not limited to the magnificent slopes alone.



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