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CL3 Argentina & Chile Tour

21 days from Buenos Aires to Santiago

Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is our first port of call on this 21-day tour of Argentina and Chile, and we give the cosmopolitan city the time…

BR5 Brazil, Argentina & Chile Tour

24 days from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago

This comprehensive 24-day tour of some of South America's most rewarding destinations begins in one of the most densely populated areas on the…

BR4 Brazil, Argentina & Chile Tour

27 days from Manaus to Buenos Aires

Arriving in Manaus in northwest Brazil, the capital of the state of Amazonas and gateway to the largest tropical forest in the world, we catch first…

BR6 Brazil, Argentina & Chile Tour

32 days from Manaus to Santiago

There's so much to see and do in these three spectacular South American countries, it's tough to fit it all into a time-frame of less than a month.…


More About Argentina

The allure of Argentina is strong. From the passionate tango performances in cafes across the capital city of Buenos Aires, to the icy peaks in Ushuaia, Argentina tours offer a surprising amount of variety.

Found at the bottom of South America, Argentina is the second largest country in the region. A 3,300 mile border runs along the western flanks of Argentina, separating the country from Chile. The border, which was created to follow the natural continental divides created with the Andes mountain range, zig-zags across enormous icefields, vast plains, impossibly tall peaks, and stunning blue lakes.

To the northeast, the 760-mile border between Argentina and Brazil is most spectacular at Iguazu Falls. Over 275 waterfalls spill over the Parana plateau to create a 1.7 mile long collection of spectacular falls. A vast network of walkways allow visitors to stand below or above the falls, including the largest Devil’s Throat falls.

Down river, Paraguay’s border with Argentina begins at the confluence of the Iguacu and Parana Rivers on a triple frontier with Brazil, whereas the Paraguay and Uruguay borders are also beautiful, albeit less dramatic.

People have lived in Argentina for thousands of years, as evident by the Cave of Hands in the Santa Cruz province. Many tribes flourished in hunter gatherer lifestyles, and many were noted to have left great impressions on European explorers including Ferdinand Magellan, Francis Drake, and Charles Darwin. Unfortunately, for most natives in Argentina the arrival of Europeans only meant disaster for their way of life. Disease and wars, in effort to expand immigrant ranching, took a massive effect on the people, with many tribes today being extinct or near to it.

The Spanish arrived at the start of the 16th century and the long lasting impressions of their arrival can still be felt. Spanish is the lingua franca, and in the cities one can enjoy the impressive colonial architecture of Buenos Aires or Cordoba. With the import of European peoples, so too came European religions. Missionaries in the Mendoza region also brought along a passion for wine. Originally being introduced as a way to create wine for church services, the Mendoza wine region has become world famous due to its production of malbec in a perfect climate just east of the Andes mountains.

Most of Argentina was initially settled as an area for ranching, and the guacho (or rancher) tradition lives strong with the production of grass fed beef and soft wool. Guancos and pumas roam with cattle and sheep in the Patagonia steppes that have turned into the farm lands. The backdrop of these magnificent plains is the sprawling mountains of the Andes.

On Argentina tours, it is possible to explore the most famous facets of Argentina’s landscape. Get up close to the icefields of Los Glaciares National Park, including the Perito Moreno Glacier or a cruise to Upsala Glacier on Lago Argentino. At the bottom of the world, depart from Ushuaia, the southernmost city on Tierra del Fuego until you are face to face with magellanic penguins in the Beagle Channel.

Wherever you find yourself on Argentina tours, it will surely be scenic.



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