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Kakku Pagodas, Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma)

Kakku Pagodas, Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma)

One of the Asia’s largest and most spectacular ancient monuments is a wonderful Pagoda named Kakku, located near Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar. It contains over 2,000 stupas with origins dating back many centuries. It exists not only as an outstanding example of traditional art and architecture but also as a testament to the religious devotion of one of Myanmar’s many ethnic minorities, the Pa-Oh. For many centuries, the Pa-Oh have lived in peace, cultivating their land and devoting much of their energy and limited wealth to creating monasteries and pagodas. The legend says that the first stupas were created by King Alaungsithu, the 12th century King of Bagan. The decorative sculptures and figures are 17th or 18th century but some of the structures are clearly much older. Visit Kakku on any of our tours that include Myanmar; next departures fall/winter 2015/16

Photo credit Jonathan Hodgson

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Tour Leader Update

Large Vatican Museums

Chris Tripodi
South Africa Tour: SA2 | 18 Days | Departure date: 13 Oct 2015 | Details
The Caucasus Tour: AZ1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 27 Sep 2015 | Details
Classic China Tour: CN4 | 15 Days | Departure date: 11 Sep 2015 | Details

Claude Morency
Malaysia & Brunei Tour: MA4 | 14 Days | Departure date: 05 Oct 2015 | Details
Iran Tour: IR1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 26 Sep 2015 | Details

Jonathan Hodgson
Norway & Finland Tour: MCNF | 19 Days | Departure date: 09 Sep 2015 | Details
The Five Stans Tour: CA3 | Departure date: 26 Sep 2015 | Details
Indian Ocean Islands Tour code: MCIO | 22 Days | Departure date: 12 May 2016 | Details
Australia Tour: AU1 | 15 Days | Departure date: 27 Oct 2015 | Details
New Zealand Tour: NZ1 | 15 Days | Departure date: 12 Nov 2015 | Details
Australia & New Zealnd Tour code: AU2 | 31 Days | Departure date: 27 Oct 2015 | Details

Laura Rudderforth
Sicily & Southern Italy Tour: IT6 | 14 Days | Departure date: 02 Sep 2015 | Details
Northern Italy Tour: IT1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 12 Sep 2015 | Details
Gulf States Tour: GS7 | 21 Days | Departure date: 12 Oct 2015 | Details

Lorna Lissner
Ethiopia Tour: ET2 | 22 Days | Departure date: 26 Sep 2015 | Details

Martin Charlton
Caribbean Island Explorer Tour: MCCB | 21 Days | Details WAITLIST ONLY

Ondrej Strejcek
Cities of Wonder Tour: CE1 | 15 Days | Departure date: 05 Sep 2015 | Details

Pablo Gonzalez
Peru & Bolivia Tour: PE6 | 17 Days | Departure date: 25 Sep 2015 | Details
Ecuador & Galapagos Tour: EQ5 | 22 Days | Departure date: 11 Oct 2015 | Details

Pam Schewe
Malaysia Tour: MA4 | 14 Days | Departure date: 05 Oct 2015 | Details

Peter Barathan
Baltic States & Helsinki Tour: BS1 | 09 Days | Departure date: 12 Sep 2015 | Details
Nordic Odyssey Tour: BS3 | 21 Days | Departure date: 12 Sep 2015 | Details

Robert Ogden
Central European Roundup Tour: CE2 | 21 Days | Departure date: 28 Sep 2015 | Details
Classical Greece & The Greek Isles Tour: GR8 | 20 Days | Departure date: 03 Sep 2015 | Details
Greek Island Hopping Tour: GI6 | 14 Days | Departure date: 09 Sep 2015 | Details

Serra Hughes
Madagascar Tour: MG1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 07 Oct 2015 | Details

Stephen Scroggings
Japan Tour: JP1 | 13 Days | Departure date: 22 Oct 2016| Details
Japan Tour code: Tour: JP2 | 20 Days | Departure date: 22 Oct 2016 | Details

Subash Tamang
Himalayan Kingdoms Tour: HM6 | Departure date: 18 Sep 2015 | Details
Himalayan Kingdoms Tour: HM7 | Departure date: 23 Sep 2015 | Details
Himalayan Kingdoms Tour: HM8 | Departure date: 23 Sep 2015 | Details
Himalayan Kingdoms Tour: H10 | Departure date: 06 Oct 2015 | Details

Victor Romagnoli
Greece Tour: VRGR | 30 Days | Departure date: 14 Sep 2015 | Details
South Africa Tour: VRZA | 17 Days | Departure date: 07 Nov 2015 | Details
India, Bangladesh, Bhutan Tour: VRIN | Departure date: 09 Sep 2016 | Details
India, Bangladesh, Bhutan Tour: VRIB | Departure date: 09 Sep 2016 | Details

Please note: above listed assignations are accurate as of publishing date. Factors such as unforeseen placement challenges, illness / injury, personal / family obligations, and other logistical considerations may necessitate adjustments without notice or compensation.

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Upcoming Tours



This October marks the first running of our newly-improved itinerary of the Far East—Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Malaysia & The Philippines. At the urging of past travellers and Tour Leaders, we have eased up the pacing of this busy program with time and sightseeing added in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malacca and Manila. Time in Bali (Indonesia), and on the Malaysian island of Borneo rounds out the incredible variety showcased in this four-country exploration. Next departures 06 Oct 15 & 16 Feb 16.

The Far East Tour: FE1| 17 Days | Details


The Caucasus is one of the world’s most complex regions, home to mountain clans and ancient peoples where empires and nomads clashed on the bridge between Asia and Europe. The region is emerging as a destination waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveller who has a spirit of adventure and a thirst for discovery. This is an extraordinary journey (AZ1) outside the world of mass tourism into a mosaic of Eurasian cultures, spectacular landscapes, and exceptional hospitality. To make it even more interesting, a new combination tour: IR5, Iran & the Caucasus, spring 2016

The Mighty Caucasus Tour: AZ1| 14 Days | Details

THE GULF STATES – Fall 2015 almost guaranteed

The Persian Gulf is the meeting point between Africa, Europe and Asia, a land of a thousand-and-one-nights and home to some of the most beautiful and mystical scenery in the world. Our tour provides a rare and fascinating glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the Arab Sheikhs, as well as the natural and historical wonders of contemporary Arabia. This trip (Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain) is unique in the touring world and extremely popular: Oct 2015 needs only two more travellers to confirm; Jan 2016 is booking now. As with all our trips, these tours are expertly led by an Adventures Abroad Tour Leader and official local support to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

The Arab Gulf States Tour code: GS7| 21 Days | Details


Our tour sets down in Australia’s second most populous city, stately Melbourne, to soak up the sights and sounds of an urban centre that has been voted world’s most ‘liveable’ city numerous times. We explore the Yarra Valley, world-famous for its wineries, and stop off in charming, symmetrical Canberra and dazzling Sydney en route to experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruise around the Great Barrier Reef. Via the vast desert of ‘the Red Centre’, we make route for Darwin’s Ayers Rock and on to King’s Canyon before ending this leg of the tour in Alice Springs. Across in New Zealand, we balance experiencing the country’s incomparable natural beauty with learning about its history and exploring its cultural attributes. We offer Oz as a 17-day trip (AU1), and NZ as a 15-day (NZ1), but most people combine the two (AU2). Oct/Nov 15 booking NOW! Tentative Tour Leader, Jonathan Hodgson

The Land Down Under Tour: AU1| 17 Days | Details
Australia & New Zealand Tour: AU2| 31 Days | Details
Next-to-none New Zealand Tour: NZ1| 15 Days | Details


Few tour companies offer such a broad range of travel choices in this spectacular region.

We cover the gamut, from Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, to Tierra del Fuego and the magnificent desolation of Patagonia. Argentina and Chile’s National Parks system offer a kaleidoscope of environments ranging from glaciers in the south, through central alpine peaks to the famous Pampas grasslands. Chile’s Easter Island is over 3200 km (2,000 miles) from the nearest population centre, making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. A triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific, it is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. Book your sunny fall/winter holiday today—the Austral summer is short and these trips book up well in advance! Your choices:

Argentina Tour: AR1| 14 Days | Details
Argentina & Iguazu Falls Tour: AR3| 16 Days | Details
Chile (Atacama) & Easter Island Tour: CL1| 21 Days | Details
Argentina & Chile Tour: CL2| 19 Days | Details
Argentina & Chile W/ Iguazu Tour: CL3| 21 Days | Details
Chile With Atacama Tour: CL6| 15 Days | Details

EGYPT, JORDAN & ISRAEL – Comeback 2015/16

We are very pleased and encouraged by the upswing in interest in Egypt, and, by extension, it’s nearby neighbours that have experienced a downturn in visitors due to problems elsewhere in the region. While most of our travellers have been confident in travelling to Jordan and Israel in the last few years, many are now adding Egypt to the mix in various combinations with Jordan and Israel, or on its own as a very satisfying 2-week classic journey. Our October 2015 series featuring all three is just a few travellers away from being confirmed—any 2015 including Egypt has been discounted $600 per person! Your choices:

Jordan Tour: JO1| 8 Days |Details
Jordan & Israel Tour: JO4| 17 Days | Details
Jordan, Israel & Egypt Tour: JO9| 29 DaysDetails      SAVE $600!
Egypt Tour: EG3| 14 Days | Details      SAVE $600!
Israel Tour: IS1| 10 Days | Details

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Photo Galleries and Hot News

Norway & Finland – new date added!

We have added a spring 2016 date for this gorgeous combo of these two Nordic neighbours, which features a Hurtigruten cruise and Finland’s Lapland region (MCNF). See photos below from this tour!

Tour code: MCNF|19 Days | Departure date: 30 Apr 2016 | Details


By Adventures Abroad

Featuring Coastal Cruising & Lapland

  • Arctic Cathedral. Tromso, Norway.

  • The beautiful village of_ _Urke in Norway.

  • Bergen, Norway.

  • Exploring on foot…. Norway.

  • Exploring coastal Norway.

  • Norway's stunning coastline.

  • Chapel of Silence. Helsinki, Finland.

  • Reflections of our coastal cruise. Norway.

  • Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. Bergen, Norway.

  • The majestic Kong Harald – Hurtigruten.

  • Heading to the North Cape… the northernmost point on the continent.

  • Looking out over Kirkenes from Prestfjellet Mountain. Finnmark, Norway.

  • Hurtigruten Coastal Cruise. A room with a view!

  • Travelling along the North Cape Plateau.

  • Nearby the village of Urke, Norway.

  • Nidaros Cathedral. Trondheim, Norway.

  • The North Cape!

  • The wild and untamed land and sea of the north.

  •  Rovaniemi reindeer farm.

  • Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral. Helsinki, Finland.

  • The village of Urke, Norway.

  • Exploring the back streets of Bergen, Norway.

New combo; Iran and Caucasus

Our 2-week tour of Iran can now be combined with our top-seller, The Caucasus—Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia, first trip (IR5) April 2016

Tour code: IR5|27 Days | Departure date: 26 Apr 2016 | Details

Turkey; Newly discounted dates!

We have added two new fall 2015 dates for our most popular itineraries for Western Turkey, TW6 & TW4. Book now and save BIG! (deadline 19 Aug). Click here for all current discounts

Tour code: TW6|13 Days | Departure date: 19 Oct 2015 | Details
Tour code: TW4|18 Days | Departure date: 19 Oct 2015 | Details

New Tour Guaranteed; Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo (GM1)

Now guaranteed for this Sept/Oct. We’ve been touring these countries for years, but not on an itinerary that combines all three in a nice 15-day package.

Tour code: GM1|15 Days | Departure date: 28 Sept 2015 | Details

Japan 2016

Due to huge demand, we have added more capacity to our ever-popular ‘Cherry Blossom’ departure to Japan in April 2016 (JP1, JP2). Combinations with South Korea (KR2, KR3) and Taiwan (TA5, TA6).

Tour code: JP1|13 Days | Departure date: 18 Apr 2016 | Details
Tour code: JP2|20 Days | Departure date: 25 Apr 2016 | Details
Tour code: KR2|21 Days | Departure date: 18 Apr 2016 | Details
Tour code: KR3|28 Days | Departure date: 25 Apr 2016 | Details
Tour code: TA5|28 Days | Departure date: 18 Apr 2016 | Details
Tour code: TA6|35 Days | Departure date: 25 Apr 2016 | Details

Kenya entry visas simplified!

Tourists entering Kenya beyond Sept 2015 can now apply for their entry visa online prior to departure rather than enduring long queues upon arrival.

Cuba; Limited space!

Cuba (CU1), 15 days, November 2015 is now guaranteed with limited space. Early 2016 dates filling fast!

Tour code: CU1|15 Days
Departure date: 10 Oct 2015, 07 Nov 2015 and 21 Nov 2015 | Details

Papua New Guinea is back!

Sept 2016! After a 7-year hiatus, this fascinating destination is back on our roster! Click here for more info

MOA Journeys

Portugal is now guaranteed! Join the UBC’s (Vancouver) Museum of Anthropology on a one-time only exploration of the art, architecture & popular culture of Portugal. MAPO, Oct 2015. Limited space available

Tour code: MAPO|14 Days | Departure date: 02 Oct 2015 | Details

Canadian Arctic Safari

Our unique departure to the Arctic’s floe edge was a great success! This adventure provided the perfect opportunity for our intrepid travellers to get up close and personal with the Arctic landscape. From the comfort of their safari camp the group members were able to truly embrace the Arctic wilderness and enjoy close-up viewing of wildlife, birds, and spectacular scenery. Check out this gallery from senior tour leader Martin Charlton.

MCCA – Canadian Arctic Safari

By Adventures Abroad

Baffin Island: From Iqaluit to Pond Inlet & Bylot Island. A journey to the floe edge.

  • Arctic Memories: Near Bylot Island and the edge of the ice floe.

  • A perfect afternoon at the edge of the ice floe.

  • Admiring this powerful predator of the arctic.

  • A photographers paradise…

  • 11pm at the safari camp.

    By Adventures Abroad

  • Exploring the community of Apex, near Iqaluit.

  • Beach near Apex… Iqaluit.

  • Taking a break for lunch…

  • Exploring the tundra at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park near Iqaluit.

  • Roaming free across the Arctic ice sheet

  • Heading across the frozen landscape

  • Hiking in Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park – Iqaluit

  • In the village of Apex, near Iqaluit.

  • Ice cave in the arctic

  • Inuit komatiks. The only way to get around.

  • Leaving from Pond Inlet at the top of Baffin Island.

  • Looking across the frozen landscape

  • Simply a spectacular day at the floe edge.

  • Narwhal!

  • Northern shores of Baffin Island.

  • On the shores of Bylot Island

  • Someone's watching us!

  • Watching narwhal at the flow edge

  • Standing at the ice floe edge.

  • Unicorn!!

  • Walking the shores of Bylot Island…. north of Baffin.

  • Spring has arrived in Iqaluit

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See photos from our tours / read reports ‘from the field’ / learn about upcoming specials and NEW departures.

See photos from your favourite Tour Leaders and fellow travellers in the field.

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Focus On Southest Asia

Amazing view of the Rice Terrace field, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Amazing view of the Rice Terrace field, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most popular touring destinations, and for a reason. Some of the countries here have it all: a tropical climate, warm (or hot!) all year around, rich culture, gorgeous beaches, wonderful food and last but not least, relatively reasonable prices. While its history and modern-day politics are complex, most of it is also quite safe for the traveller and easy to get about.

Southeast Asia’s culture is influenced primarily by India and China and by its colonizers. Thai, Burmese, Cambodian and Lao culture is heavily “Indianized” and Chinese-influenced in areas such as faith, folklore, language, and writing. Malaysia and Indonesia are also influenced by the Indians, Malays and Chinese with a touch of Arab culture due to the large Muslim populations. Vietnam is the most Chinese-influenced country while Brunei’s culture is Malay-influenced. The linguistic saturation here is also immense, as is its religious diversity.

Variety of landscape is also overwhelming—from the terraced rice fields of Laos to the soaring limestone pinnacles of Vietnam’s Halong Bay, the verdant jungles of Northern Thailand to the wide, sinewy curves of the Mekong River—the region’s natural attributes defy it’s relatively compact geographical area. And some of the world’s most incredible monuments are superimposed upon this backdrop—the temples of Bagan, Myanmar; the Angkor complex of central Cambodia, Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda, Indonesia’s Borobudur to name just a few—all lend spectacular testimony to the region’s rich cultural and historical legacy.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

We are gearing up for another busy season in one of the most popular areas in which we operate; happily the best time to travel to SE Asia coincides with the best time to escape the northern winter! The following are just a few of our most popular itineraries; click through to our website for a complete listing for 2015 /16.

Vietnam & Cambodia Tour code: VN2| 20 Days | Details
Laos & Vietnam Tour code: LA2| 22 Days | Details
Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Tour code: LA3| 27 Days | Details
Thailand & Laos Tour code: SE2| 16 Days | Details
Myanmar Tour code: SE5| 14 Days | Details
Cambodia & Myanmar Tour code: SE6| 19 Days | Details
Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar Tour code: SE7|33 Days | Details
Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar Tour code: SE8| 40 Days | Details
Indonesia (Sumatra, Java & Bali) Tour code: ID6| 14 Days | Details
Indonesia Discovery (Java, Borneo, Sulawesi & Papua) Tour code: ID7| 18 Days| Details
Malaysia & Brunei Tour code: MA4|14 Days | Details
Southeast Asia Roundup Tour code: TH6| 16 Days | Details
Southeast Asia Roundup with Myanmar Tour code: TH7| 22 Days| Details

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Quick facts about the Galapagos


Ever thought of visiting the Galapagos Islands, a group of volcanic islands that straddle the equator and sit 525 miles east of Ecuador?

Well if you did, here are some quick facts about your next adventure location.

Some may know that the Darwinian Theory of the Origin of Man was developed after studying the Galapagos Islands, but did you know that confluence of four ocean currents (Equatorial, Cromwell, Humboldt, and Panama) in this area is what gives it such an unpredictable and unique climate?

Think that penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere? Wrong. Penguins found in the Galapagos Islands are the only penguins known to breed in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ever wondered why the cormorants don’t fly away from the islands? Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) for them they have evolved to grow too large to spread their wings and fly. The birds wings are only one third of what they should be for a bird of that size making this type of cormorant one of the rarest birds on Earth.

Speaking of birds that can’t fly, the marine iguana is the only lizard that is known to swim.

You knew the tortoises were another large animal on the island, but did you know they were almost 600lbs and can live up to 150 years?

No trip to the Galapagos ever takes place without learning a great deal about nature and wildlife.

Join us on a 22 day tour to Ecuador this once in a lifetime location and discover why so many people have fallen in love with the Galapagos. Click here for more information about our Galapagos tour and our shorter 8 day adventure.



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The Best of Brazil Tour – A Quick Photo Journey

As the world changes, so do our tours. We’ve recently improved our best of Brazil  tour, allowing more time to explore and enjoy the top sights.

Our first run at the improved version ran in February and was hailed a success. Despite venturing to Brazil in what was supposed to be the rainy season, our group was gifted with sunny skies the entire trip.


For the first portion of the journey, we take you to an Amazon Lodge outside of the city of Manaus and inside the Amazon Rainforest. Explorations into the jungle are taken by boat and by foot with binaculars and cameras at the ready in case of any wildlife opportunities.

From the Amazon, we make our way south with a pause at Brasilia, the capital city.





Once a model town, this clearly 1960s creation is a social and architectural design experiment. We spend the day roaming from colossal political monuments to cement and stain glass churches, learning about Brazil’s modern history before moving to its largest wetland, the Pantanal.




Birders rejoice as we set up at a ranch for a few nights rest. Farmers take us to explore the sprawling grounds by foot, horse, and boat. Toucans, parrots, and anteaters are just a few of the friendly animals found in this part of Brazil and likely encounters.


Rio Brazil Rachel Kristensen (2)


After our rural get-a-way, our journey continues to the big city of Brazil where we enjoy all the famous sites. From the beaches to the Cristo, our tour of Rio includes a fully guided tour of all the iconic spots.


Brazil Side Iguazu Rachel Kristensen


Last but not least, our tour finishes with a roar. The roaring waterfall that is. Of all the large waterfalls in the world, Iguacu usually ranks number one as the people’s favourite. We take in the falls from all sides and get soaked by the mist in the meantime.

Join us on our next departure to tour Brazil this October or next February and click here for more info.




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Lessons from Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece (photo credit Rachel Kristensen)

When the ancient Greeks created something they did so because of their beliefs in bettering themselves in their body, soul, and minds. They knew that by acting in a ‘we’ mentality vs a ‘me’ mentality, that the stronger their individuals became, the strong their society would become.

Stadiums and gymnasiums were built across the country to train their soldiers. Competitive games such as the Olympics served for sporting purposes to perfect the body. Every four years, a sacred truce would be announced, no wars would take place for the one month leading up to the games and for the entire duration.

Boys and men from all over Greece would descend on Olympia, swear to Zeus while standing on a set of bull testicles (the origins of the world ‘testify’) that they had trained for the one year prior, they were 100% Greek and they would not cheat.

Cheaters were shamed with a wall of statues dedicated to Zeus, on display as athletes walked into the ancient tracks and would bear the disgrace of being spat on by every passerby for centuries to come. Winners were awarded with not only the olive crown but free food for life and a city-state that would boast your name for the duration of your life.

There was no greater honour than to have an Olympian in your community.

The games were similar in essence to our modern games. Sponsors had their forum, hotels for the wealthy were supplied, and competition was fierce.

Unlike today, we have to use our imagination as to how fast or how strong these nude athletes were. Glory was never recorded in times or distances, only in the names and years of their victory.

Imagine what the Olympics today would be like if weren’t focused on personal bests or world records.

For their souls, the Greeks erected many temples to worship in.

Temples for the 12 Olympic gods carved in fine marble, sprawling complexes built with stadiums and theatres nearby.

Olympia had the giant Statue of Zeus, an ancient wonder of the world crafted with ivory and gold that stood above an olive oil pool making Zeus life-like.

In Delphi, the Temple of Apollo stood above two tectonic plates emitting a hallucinogenic gas which allowed an oracle to invoke the spirit of the gods and speak with the people. She responded to questions in a very vague manner, and the gods required one to know thyself before deciphering their answer.

The ancient Greeks clearly understood that understanding your own self would keep you better connected with your soul.

For their last pillar of creating a better person, theatres became the natural setting to expand the mind.

As early as 5th century BC in theatres dedicated to Dionysus in Athens, Epidaurus or Delphi, audiences would watch performances based on real life tragedies that would pose moral dilemmas faced by the citizens or state.

Plagued by continual wars against outsiders like the Persians or internal wars where Greek city-states fought against themselves for power, the ancient Greeks were no stranger to the traumas faced by soldiers.

Plays such as Sophocles’ Ajax spoke directly to the people as a character and a dilemma many could relate to.

Ajax, a solider of the Trojan war, became enraged and tortured by his experiences. His depression, and anger left him with an inability to grip current reality from the murderous reality of war. In the play he is duped by Athena to try to murder his comrades but after he lashes out, he has to try to deal with a shame he brought to himself. Ultimately, the pain and shame is too much and he commits suicide.

This theme was written nearly 2500 years ago.

In no war has any army left with clean hands. No matter how small the fight, someone will ultimately lose and at the hand of another. The Greeks understood this and its enormous emotional impact on their people. If that impact was left without being addressed it would eat away at their society. So plays were performed as a therapy and a community forum to discuss the problems of soldiers.

Now picture this in our present day life.

Armies all over the world continue to fight battles. As an example, the largest military, the US Army has over 21 million veterans. In 2008, only 40,000 US soldiers were admitting to suffering some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome. No one was talking about it, and at less than 1% of people admitting to the stress after war, something needed to be done.

In an effort to remove some of the stigmas attached to PTSDs, the internal depression and struggles that many soldiers face, the Americans created the ‘Theatre of War’. Ancient plays such as Ajax are being performed for groups of veterans for the same reason the Greeks performed it: as a therapy and community forum to discuss the problems facing soldiers.

If one considers how a society thousands of years old created not only art that has enchanted and is still treasured, a premier sporting event played today, but crafted a form of therapy that would be relevant thousands of years later,  it makes the magic of classical Greece even more impressive.

Join us and find out more about our next Classical Greece Tour.

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Prague: The City of 100 Spires

Czech Tourism

(Photo Credit of Prague: Czech Tourism)


Just how did this beautiful 15th century city gain the nickname of the City of a Hundred Spires?

“Surely, there are more than 100” exclaim most of our travellers.

We travelled past the astronomical clock, over the Charles pedestrian Bridge, and into the towers of dozens of cathedrals to find out.

The origin of the name comes from Bernard Bolzano, a Bohemian mathematician who counted 103 spires at the beginning of the 19th century. Now two centuries later, we find the influence of art nouveau mixed in with the renaissance symmetry, the dramatic baroque play on light and shadows, and of course the ribbed vaults and pointed arches of the Gothic architecture style.

Currently, there are over 500 spires in Prague, so our travellers are indeed correct in believing there are more than 100 spires.

But regardless of the number of spires, Prague is truly a city that enchants. A city of wonder, set between seven hills, Prague was never touched by war and allows one to enjoy an old world charm of a city often listed as one of the best cities in the world.

Join us on any number of trips to Prague, from active to cultural tours. Click here to browse our tours of Prague:

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Touring the Five Stans: A Photo Journey through Central Asia



Often thought of as one of our most exotic explorations,  each Stan holds a unique history and culture that has been shaped over the centuries and influenced by many empires.

While on tour to the Five Stans, expect to see 2000 year old fortresses, famous silk road cities that captured the imagination of leaders like Alexander the Great, cultural epicentres from the 14th centuries, remote oasis’, local bazaar, grand mosques, stunning 19th century palaces with European and Asian influences, and gorgeous drives through snow-capped peaks and deep valleys with vast vistas.

Of course, also expect to see the old world charm mix in with Soviet era architecture.

Our Five Stans tour has been a hit with our groups, and runs twice annually.

Here is a preview of what you’ll see on this amazing 21 day tour through Central Asia, as shown by our senior tour leader and professional photographer, Jonathan Hodgson.

All photos are from his Instagram account (@owilybug).

Zenkov Cathedral. #Almaty #Kazakhstan #travel #asia @adventuresabroadtravel

A photo posted by Jonathan Hodgson (@owilybug) on

Zarafshan Valley. #Tajikistan #asia #travel #nature @adventuresabroadtravel

A photo posted by Jonathan Hodgson (@owilybug) on

Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum. #Samarkand #silkroad #uzbekistan #asia #travel @adventuresabroadtravel

A photo posted by Jonathan Hodgson (@owilybug) on

Kalan Mosque. #Bukhara #uzbekistan #asia #kalanmosque #travel @adventuresabroadtravel

A photo posted by Jonathan Hodgson (@owilybug) on

Walls of Ichan-Qala. #Khiva #uzbekistan #asia #travel @adventuresabroadtravel

A photo posted by Jonathan Hodgson (@owilybug) on


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