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Serra Hughes has been working for Adventures Abroad since 2005 as both a tour leader and an in-house Destination Specialist.

South Pacific Tour: A Photo Journal by Jonathan Hodgson

On a recent South Pacific tour, our group was led by Jonathan Hodgson, one of Adventures Abroad’s most popular and experienced tour leaders. Anyone who has travelled with him will know that he is as passionate about photography as he is about travel. Luckily for us, he also decided to share  some of his favourite images from his recent South Pacific Odyssey, tour code MCSP. The best ways to follow him are on Instagram (OWILYBUG) or like his Facebook page:    

South Pacific Photo Journal – Jonathan Hodgson

By Adventures Abroad   60 countries in 7 years of tour leading, Jonathan Hodgson is a beloved tour leader and an incredible photographer. View more photos  on Facebook or Instagram (OWILYBUG).
  • Rock Islands, Palau

    By Adventures Abroad Explored by boat or by air, the Rock Islands are limestone islets rich in marine and coral life rising stunningly from the Pacific.
  • Fish at Central Market in Honiara, Solomon Islands

    By Adventures Abroad
  • To Sua Ocean Trench, Solomon Islands

    By Adventures Abroad Must be seen to be believed! This all-natural swimming hole is located in the village of Lotofaga (population: 1,089) on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa.
  • Idyllic beach on the island of Upolu, Samoa

    By Adventures Abroad
  • Centenary Church, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

    By Adventures Abroad A visit to this conservative Christian country isn’t complete without a visit to Centenary Church to hopefully catch a glimpse of the royal family including Tupou VI, the King of Tonga.
  • Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

    By Adventures Abroad Just a snapshot of life in paradise, taken on the west side of Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands
  • Yasur Volcano, Tanna, Vanuatu

    By Adventures Abroad A once in a lifetime experience! After traveling to the summit by 4WDs, walk right up to the rim of the world’s most accessible active volcano located in one of the most unspoilt places on earth.
  • Local villager, Vanuatu

    By Adventures Abroad In Vanuatu, we have several chances to encounter local people and learn about ancient traditions of the islanders and their way of life.
  • Greeting by Vanuatu warriors

    By Adventures Abroad
  • Central Market, Honiara, Solomon Islands

    By Adventures Abroad Local man selling cords of wood in the central market.
  • Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Manila

    By Adventures Abroad With 17,206 graves, it has the most graves of ANY cemetery worldwide for U.S. personnel killed during WWII and the dramatic setting has views of Laguna de Bay and towards the distant mountains.
  • WWII plane, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

    By Adventures Abroad
  • Stone Monoliths, Babeldaob, Palau

    By Adventures Abroad Palau’s largest island is a mysterious place shielding enigmatic archaeological highlights such as mysterious terraced hillsides, Stone Monoliths, and the Stone Faces of Ngerchelong.
  • Belau National Museum, Palau

    By Adventures Abroad The oldest museum in Micronesia has indoor and outdoor exhibits from all eras of Palauan life, including artworks, photography, sculpture.

Hear from our travellers (July/August, 2014)

It’s always a pleasure to get photos and feedback from our clients. If we quote you or If you send us a photo taken on tour with us and it is used on our website or in our newsletter, then we will give you $50 off your next tour with us! (One submission per person, per month). Please send to and put your name and tour code in the subject line and a brief description of the photo in the body of the email. We look forward to seeing your photos! Here’s what we have received over the past month: 

We Love our Clients

By Adventures Abroad   In the last month, we have received so many wonderful photos and testimonials from our clients that it was very difficult to decide what to include. Here you go!
  • Sun Voyager Sculpture, Reykjavik

    By Adventures Abroad Longtime Adventures Abroad traveller Martin Dunn shot this incredible image in Reykjavik Harbour, Iceland. Taken just before sundown on a windy August night in 2013. Tour code IC3.
  • Feedback on Tour Code AD1, Elicia Tippens:

    By Adventures Abroad “It was probably one of the best trips that I have ever taken. It was perfect from beginning to end and our tour leader Erin Howell worked extremely hard to ensure that everything was perfect.”
  • Cirque Mafate, Réunion.

    By Adventures Abroad Adventures Abroad traveller Rudy Prater sent us this image from his recent adventure with Martin Charlton on the Indian Ocean Islands tour. Tour Code MCIO.
  • Feedback on Tour Code KT1, Renee Teresa-Shalhoub:

    By Adventures Abroad “James and all of his support staff were wonderful. You can tell that you have an amazing leader when he constantly strives to surround himself with the best and brightest talent.”
  • Chenonceau, Loire Valley.

    By Adventures Abroad Lillian Mathisen took this great shot during the Loire Valley portion of her Heart of France tour. Tour code FR7.