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Adventures Abroad Tour Leader Jonathan Hodgson balloon bagan myanmar

Ten Questions for a Tour Leader: Jonathan Hodgson

Adventures Abroad Tour Leader Jonathan Hodgson balloon bagan myanmar

Jonathan floats above the temples of Bagan, Myanmar in a hot air balloon.

As far as expert tour leaders go, Jonathan Hodgson is at the top of his game. Those who have travelled with him before, or regularly as some of our clients do, comment about the endless kindness he exudes and wealth of knowledge he extends.  Continue reading

guggenheim museum bilbao spain

Best Museums In Spain – The Four You Must See

Each year, millions of visitors flock to Spain’s impressive portfolio of galleries. For good reason. Once the strongest empire in the world, Spain’s influence once extended from Peru to the Philippines, Cuba to Ceylon, across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With such a wide reach, it is no wonder that an abundant wealth of arts and culture came under its control.

From the small and intimate to the enormous and inspiring, galleries across Spain touch every genre including modern to classic, romantic to rustic. For a taste of the arts, here are a few of the best museums in Spain, all reached on our small group tour to Spain.

The Four Best Museums in Spain

guggenheim museum bilbao spain

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Valparaiso Chile street art graffiti girl

An Introduction to Street Art in South America

As a matter of artistic expression, it’s hard to not enjoy the colourful street art that has begun to take over the cities of South America. What possibly started as a political protest and was once thought of as a burden, many Latin American cities have embraced the murals and dedicated districts for the artists to create.  No longer just a tag of a name or graffiti of something illegible here is a list of a few cities with an incredible array of expression that is hard not to admire.

Street Art in South America

Valparaiso Chile street art graffiti

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Why Oman should be on your travel wish list.

It’s hard not to get lost in the noise that hums around a certain region. In the Arabian Gulf, that noise often exudes from certain cosmopolitan cities with attractions such building the world’s tallest buildings, malls with indoor ski slopes, and where architecture takes on forms that only the most creative can imagine.

Oman travel valley

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Russell Lupins Lake Tekapo New Zealand

New Zealand Southern Alps – A Photo Tour

In a world where countries often come with increasingly similar attributes to its neighbours, it’s always refreshing to find a place a little quirky.  To me, that is what New Zealand is. More sheep than people reside here, a fact many seem proud to tell you. It is a place with endless views, cheerful locals, and a culture that embraces its Maori influences.

Russell Lupins Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Russell Lupins in glorious display on the shore of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The best time of year to see these flowers in full bloom is November and December.

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Lago Argentino - April Content Hi Tec - @meandertheworld-11

Patagonia dreaming: A journey through Chile & Argentina

It’s often thought that in the worlds wildest places, the best views are only accessible to those willing to push themselves to the limits. Patagonia, found at the tip of South America straddling the borders of Chile and Argentina while following the spine of the Andes to their southern reaches, is often thought of one of those wild places which rewards only the fittest. It isn’t true.

Torres del Paine mountains Chile

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Cathedral of St. Catherine Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena – Colombia’s Fantastic Caribbean Colonial City, Part II

What to see, do, and eat in Cartagena? All valid questions! Luckily we have Dale from The Maritime Explorer who has recently returned from an Adventures Abroad trip to Colombia and is kind enough to share his insights with our readers. 

Cartagena Colombia old town clock tower Torre Del Reloj

Old town Cartagena’s clock tower, or Torre Del Reloj.

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