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HOVSGOL We are very excited about our newly-revamped tour of Mongolia (MN1) for 2016. We’ve been touring this fascinating destination for years, and are delighted that hitherto inaccessible remote locations are now opening up, with the advent of new air routes and tourist class accommodations. New for 2016 is the Lake Hovsgol region in the far western corner of the country; here we enjoy spectacular lake and mountain scenery and interactions with the local nomadic herds people. Also new is an overnight at Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, where the complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands are kept in their original condition. As in the past, we also include the Gobi area and the Ikh Nart Chuluu Nature Reserve, as well as the Jalman Meadows and the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Throughout we make use of unique and comfortable “Ger” style accommodation, which enhances the authenticity of our journey. Mongolia Tour: MN1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 15 Jun 2016 | Details  


Our tour sets down in Australia’s second most populous city, stately Melbourne, to soak up the sights and sounds of an urban centre that has been voted world’s most ‘liveable’ city numerous times. We explore the Yarra Valley, world-famous for its wineries, and stop off in charming, symmetrical Canberra and dazzling Sydney en route to experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruise around the Great Barrier Reef. Via the vast desert of ‘the Red Centre’, we make route to Ayers Rock and King’s Canyon before ending this leg of the tour in Alice Springs. Across in New Zealand, we balance experiencing the country’s incomparable natural beauty with learning about its history and exploring its cultural attributes. We offer Oz as a 17-day trip (AU1), and NZ as a 15-day (NZ1), but most people combine the two (AU2). Feb/Mar 16 booking NOW! Australia Tour: AU1 | 17 Days | Departure date: 09 Feb 2016 | Details Australia & New Zealand Tour: AU2 | 31 Days | Departure date: 09 Feb 2016 | Details New Zealand Tour: NZ1 | 15 Days | Departure date: 25 Feb 2016 | Details  


Few tour companies offer such a broad range of travel choices in this spectacular region. We cover the gamut, from Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, to Tierra del Fuego and the magnificent desolation of Patagonia. Argentina and Chile’s National Parks system offer a kaleidoscope of environments ranging from glaciers in the south, through central alpine peaks to the famous Pampas grasslands. Chile’s Easter Island is over 3200 km (2,000 miles) from the nearest population centre, making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. A triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific, it is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. Book your sunny winter holiday today—the Austral summer is short and these trips book up well in advance! Your choices: Argentina & Chile Tour: AR1 | 14 Days | Details Argentina & Iguaza Falls Tour: AR3 | 16 Days | Details Argentina & Chile Tour: CL2 | 19 Days | Details Argentina & Chile with Iguaza Tour: CL3 | 21 Days | Details Chile with Atacama Tour: CL6 | 21 Days | Details Chile (Atacama) & Easter Island Tour: CL1 | 21 Days | Details

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THE GULF STATES – January guaranteed!

The Persian Gulf is the meeting point between Africa, Europe and Asia, a land of a thousand-and-one-nights and home to some of the most beautiful and mystical scenery in the world. Our tour provides a rare and fascinating glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the Arab Sheikhs, as well as the natural and historical wonders of contemporary Arabia. This trip (Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain) is unique in the touring world and extremely popular—Jan 2016 is filling fast. As with all our trips, these tours are expertly led by an Adventures Abroad Tour Leader and official local support to ensure a smooth and safe journey. The Arab Gulf States Tour: GS7 | 21 Days | Departure date: 25 Jan 2016 | Details  


Our new enhanced Colombia itinerary (CM1) has become so popular, we’ve added more capacity for our trip that lands in Bogota on 19 January. New to the mix is the up-and-coming city of Medellin, which is shedding its old shady reputation and enjoying a touristic renaissance; here we will learn about the transformation of Medellin from the most dangerous city in the world into a fascinating melting pot of cultures with possibly the friendliest and warmest people in the world. Also new is the possibility of extending this trip to include our tour of Panama (CM5). Click here to see further combination possibilities with Costa Rica. Colombia Redefined Tour: CM1 | 11 Days | Departure date: 19 Jan 2016 | Details Colombia & Panama Tour: CM5 | 20 Days | Departure date: 19 Jan 2016 | Details  

PERU: NORTH & SOUTH – February 2016

Northern Peru boasts a unique and fascinating cultural history. The entire region is dotted with archeological sites; many of the gold and silver, artifacts, ceramics and weavings made by the Chimu, Moche and Sican people are housed in the Sican and the Royal Tomb of Sipan museums. Near the “White City” of Arequipa is a spectacular attraction: the Colca Canyon. This canyon cuts 3182 m (10,607 ft) into the earth—twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in Arizona! The Colca is shadowed by snow-topped mountains, many of them volcanoes, and sliced by the Colca River. Around Lake Titicaca, traces of a rich Indian past still stubbornly cling, resisting the Spanish conquistadors’ aggressive campaign to erase Inca and pre-Inca cultures and, in recent times, the lure of modernization. When Peruvians talk of turquoise blue Titacaca, they proudly note that it is so large it has waves! Join us on this very comprehensive and varied tour to uncover the secrets of the still little known pre-Inca cultures of Northern Peru and its myriad unique natural wonders, as well as the renowned attractions of the Incan capital of Cuzco and the wonders of Machu Picchu. PR1, PR2 Peruvian Explorer Tour: PR1 | 17 Days | Departure date: 06 Feb 2016 | Details Peru: North & South Tour: PR2 | 20 Days | Departure date: 03 Feb 2016 | Details  


The northern winter is our strongest demand period for our flagship tour of Indochina – Vietnam & Cambodia (VN2), and our dates in January, February, and March are booking now. Not only is this the most comfortable time of year to visit this fascinating region, with its rich and varied history and cultural milieu, it is also currently one of the world’s best travel values. This is 19-day tour, which travels the entire length of Vietnam, from Halong Bay and Dien Bien Phu in the north, to Hoi An, Hué, and Saigon to the south. A highlight of any trip to the region is the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and astonishing and vast site famous for its well-preserved temples and storied past as one of the world’s great civilizations. Vietnam & Cambodia Tour: VN2 | 20 Days | Details Departure dates: 12 Jan 2016, 02 Feb 2016, 08 Mar 2016  

MYANMAR – You said it!

“Every excursion was excellent. We would not change any of them. All local guides were caring, interesting, and knowledgeable. All hotels surpassed expectations. We had an outstanding leader. He always retained good leadership while getting to know each of us on a personal level. A rare gift! He was fun, had a good relationship with local guides and a huge enthusiasm for the unknown. The best guide the we have ever had with any company.”
Ann S. (Malibu, CA, USA). Our 14-day tour of Myanmar showcases all of the highlights, plus a few relatively unknown surprises, in a nicely-paced, comfortable and highly-varied and comprehensive experience. Next available departure 31 Jan 2016, code SE5. Myanmar (Burma) Tour: SE5 | 14 Days | Departure date: 31 Jan 2016 | Details  


In 2013 we responded to traveller feedback and the advice of our Tour Leaders and altered this itinerary to ease up the pace of this highlight-packed tour; reviews have been so positive, and the itinerary now reads so well that our ever-popular spring date is already almost sold out for 2016! Sicily is an island of great natural beauty—along the shorelines, spectacular rocky cliffs meet the deep blue, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean, while the rolling hills of the interior are awash in fragrant orange and lemon trees. Though only 4 km separate it from the mainland, this short distance has given the island enough unique history and personality for an entire continent. This distinction becomes apparent to us once our journey crosses the water to visit the highlights of the southern mainland—the Greek temples of Paestum, mysterious Pompeii, and sublime Sorrento, legendary abode of the Sirens. Spring is breathtaking, with rich green fields, plenty of wildflowers, and a soft light that enhances and highlights every corner of this magical land. We still have some last-minute space on our popular trip, code IT6; extensions to Tuscany and Venice are also available. Southern Italy Tour: IT6 | 14 Days | Departure date: 27 Apr 2016 | Details

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