Yangshuo: A highlight on our China tour

  Li River China PC Rachel Kristensen(Photo credit: On a China tour with Rachel Kristensen / @meandertheworld)   China is the third largest country in the world and has some of the most diverse landscapes, bustling cities and quiet villages to explore. From the sandy dunes of the Gobi Desert, to the deep gorges cut by the Yangtze River and the karst mountains of Guilin. Our Classic China tour takes you to the quiet village of Yangshuo, what many recall as their highlight of China. The village is beautiful from all angles,  situated among breathtaking mist covered mountains that jet into the sky. With less car traffic and little air polution, it is easy to roam the streets and discover why so many love visiting this town. No trip to Yangshuo is complete without exploring the winding rivers that cut through the valley floor. On the Li River, our small group tour sets sail beside bamboo rafts to watch fishermen collecting their catch with traditional netting methods. The pristine environment complete with sweet smelling cassia flowers feels a million miles away from the high rises of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and China’s other well-known cities. Click here for more information on our trip to China which includes a small group tour of Yangshuo.

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