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JO1 Jordan

8 days from Amman to Amman

Amman, the modern yet ancient capital city of Jordan, is our entry point on this memorable eight-day tour of a country brimming with Biblical and… Read more

GI4 Greek Island Hopping

9 days from Athens to Athens

Now with shortened ferry rides, our magical Greek Island Hopping tour allows for even more time for us to immerse ourselves into a world of Hellenic… Read more

IS1 Israel

10 days from Tel Aviv to Tel Aviv

Touching down in Tel Aviv, we begin our exciting 10-day tour through Israel by exploring the many museums and attractions in this modern city with a… Read more

PL3 Poland: Bridging East & West

11 days from Krakow to Warsaw

There exists immaculate beauty and timeless history within the borders of Poland. Embarking on a journey that will expose us to a world that is… Read more

XSW Switzerland

13 days from Zurich to Zurich

This gentle guided walking tour combines some of Switzerland's medieval historic Old Towns with the top three scenic mountain walks in… Read more